Dennis Markuze (AKA David Mabus) – An End To The Saga?

Dennis Markuze (AKA David Mabus) – An End To The Saga? June 4, 2015

This isn’t an issue that has been on my radar much over the past few years – but it has concerned me whenever I hear an update, due to friends like Digital Cuttlefish having to deal with more of their persistent harassment that I ever have.

So, some good news: a sentence that requires [Dennis Markuze aka “David Mabus”]  to follow psychiatric treatment for three years,” reports Paul Cherry of the Montreal Gazette:

Semeniuk told Quebec Court Judge Jean-Pierre Boyer he believes Markuze suffers from a delusional disorder and “his beliefs are not grounded in reality.” He said Markuze’s problems date back to childhood and that he had been an outpatient at the Jewish General for a decade before 2013.

An outpatient who has sent… thousands (?) of emails. And Tweets. I’ve had nasty YouTube video titles directed at me and others, all kinds of social media comments and fake Facebook accounts – constituting a range of irritating comments, to outright death threats. They’re not amusing anymore, if they ever were.

Even while in treatment over the past few years, Markuze has continued to hop online and post all sorts of screeds – but maybe there’s hope as shown in this news report from Montreal:

As the sentence hearing neared its end, Markuze admitted: “I’ve said some things I shouldn’t have said.” This prompted Dulude to let out a very sarcastic “Really?!” while holding the emails Markuze sent her for emphasis.

“I’ve never heard you say that before,” she said.

Here’s hoping that realisation sticks and stays. For everyone’s sake. Urgh.


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