Study Break! (And Send In Your Support To RTRFM)

Study Break! (And Send In Your Support To RTRFM) June 11, 2015

I’m on a study break (in fact, the only reason I’m posting this is because of some revolting spam that got posted, which will no longer appear here any more) in order to finish two assignments. Assignments like Design a digital media strategy with multimedia content for an event of your choice. Present in the form of an online pitch using presentation software”.

That’s taking some time to finish, so here’s a few links to tide readers and/or listeners over.

Podcasts already out include:

Episode One Hundred And Ninety Nine of the Token Skeptic Podcast – On Skepticism 101 With John Scalzi, Daniel Midgley and Kylie Sturgess 

Urban Legendary Eight – a series of interviews, with thanks to RTRM.

That means I have episode #200 to do (!!!) and any suggestions about content welcomed (it’s certainly not happening until I finish these assignments, so suggest away – preferably on the Facebook site).

Speaking of the help I get from RTRFM (they just posted a great interview on the Demise Of Books, which featured Stefen from Stefen’s Books) – there’s a few interviews by me on their site, from the three-hour live show I contribute to called The Mag. They can use some help themselves with their fundraiser:

RTRFM are seeking to upgrade the station’s kitchen and green room, so that presenters, volunteers, staff and special guests can enjoy a cuppa in a comfortable environment.

RTRFM currently has over 250 volunteer presentersover 50 office volunteers and 9 core staff members. All of which use our existing kitchen and lounge facilities (pictured right), 24/7.

The kitchen and green room area was installed a long time ago and requires renovation. We would like to install more storage and bench space, some new furniture and kitchen fittingsWi-Fi and give the whole room a lick of paint.

Check it out yourself at Donor Drive 2015 on the RTRFM site!

My Patreon page is still working away when I can get to it, so is my other funded work – and that should be all underway again after the course I’m doing is finished, which is about another week or so.

Back to work!

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