Questioning The Efficacy of Homeopathy? Be A Skeptical Pirate!

Questioning The Efficacy of Homeopathy? Be A Skeptical Pirate! August 6, 2015

For a call-to-action, you have to be pretty desperate to make fun of my support of local fashion designers when complaining that there should be more support for homeopathy in Australia:

“We have a very special sceptic here Down Under. She is trained in media, partly in psychology and likes to be photographed in shirts or headbands featuring skulls for crying out loud. I never dreamed that my profession would be attacked and attempted to be brought down by someone dressing like pirate!”

[Big thanks to Alan Henness for that find – his blog is at – also check out Homeowatch by Dr Stephen Barrett and the 10:23 Campaign for more links.]

Actually, I’m educated in Philosophy, English Literature (B.A, double majors); have a Diploma in Secondary Education (English, ESL/EALD, Media); two Masters degrees in Education (one is a coursework degree in Special Learning Needs – the other with coursework and a thesis on the statistical analysis of paranormal, pseudoscientific and conspiracy theory beliefs) – and more recently I graduated with Certificates in Media III and IV (radio broadcasting), and a Diploma in Digital Content (Radio).

I have no problems whatsoever in being upfront that I don’t have a PhD or whatever, and certainly no qualifications in homeopathy.

The fact is, no one really cares that I have more letters after my name than IN my name – because here’s me being a skeptical pirate on the Duyfken 1606 replica and that trumps everything:



Kylie on the Duyfken

Fuck yeah, sailing old school style! WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

If you’d like a good overview on what is being proudly worn in my town (beyond my favourite Wheels and Dollbaby shirt – also worn by other infamous pirates, like Katy Perry, Georgia May JaggerSlash, and hundreds of other women and men worldwide)?

Then, check out the Fashion Council of WA at And here’s a link to the local fashion festival, the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, coming up  from 15-20 September! I did an interview with them on RTRFM’s ArtBeat show, back in July, that you can re-listen to – it’s around the 11:30am mark.

So, thanks very much to the homeopath, who has given me an excuse to blog that you can hear me do even more to support local arts industries, fashion. music and so on this Friday, by doing another one of my sporadic hosting sessions on a three-hour live radio show called ArtBeat on RTRFM…

…probably while I wear this (warning, pirate content):


And my advice to a certain Australian homeopath and their supporters would be less whinging about their comparative lack of fashion sense and do something productive for society… in regards to homeopathy, maybe they could get some evidence for it working in the way they says it does?

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  • Artor

    I left the following comment on the Homeopathy website you linked to. I wonder if it will make it out of moderation?

    “I have some sure-fire advice on how to quash the anti-homeopathy crowd
    once & for all. Maybe you could try coming up with some actual
    scientific evidence that homeopathy does anything, and demonstrate some
    method by which an active ingredient, diluted literally to nothing, has
    any effect at all. Please show how, if water has some sort of memory,
    why we are not all drinking raw sewage, rather than 30x homeopathic

    Surely, if homeopathy works the way you’re confident it does, it won’t
    be hard to come up with this evidence. That’s all it would take to get
    the science-based crowd off your backs. I can’t imagine why none of the
    practitioners of homeopathy in the past 100+ years haven’t done this.
    I’m sure it’s just an oversight, about to be corrected any time now.”