Yeah, Australia Isn’t Too Kind If You Turn Up Without A Visa, Right-To-Lifer Troy Newman

Yeah, Australia Isn’t Too Kind If You Turn Up Without A Visa, Right-To-Lifer Troy Newman October 1, 2015

Anti-abortion activist Troy Newman really isn’t having a good time today. Or yesterday. It kind of depends what time zone you’re in, and he’s just gone through both in order to be very, very disappointed.

Screen shot 2015-10-01 at 10.10.45 AMIn case you can’t read the small print:

“As many of you know, I’m scheduled to speak in a national tour with Right to Life Australia, from the 1st to 10th of October. But the Australian Government revoked my Visa at the last minute. The revocation was based on a pile of lies, including the idea that I promote violence…”

There’s a number of Australian politicians who are speaking up and saying otherwise: continues:

“…the Lord has allowed me to get on a plane in spite of many objections by the airline and Australia. We have been in the air 11 hours and will land in about 4.”

Newman had plans to do a multi-venue eastern-states tour, including Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart and Melbourne – with talks with topics like “Presentation exposing Planned Parenthood sale of Body Parts”.

Which, if you haven’t figured out, is completely untrue about Planned Parenthood.

I don’t know if he aimed to get to Australia in order to sidestep and ignore the recent Planned Parenthood news that they are being supported by congress after all – and the celebration of that fact:

But before he tried getting into Australia WITHOUT A VISA, I would have suggested that he check out exactly what Australia’s Border Force can do. In fact, Border Force has been recently criticised for being very keen on doing what they do:
Border Force was formed after Tony Abbot needed to fulfil a dumb election promise and turn Australia into an internationally shamed processing facility for ‘scary foreigners’ who, after seeking asylum, are flicked off to illegal offshore detention facilities (women, children all). Want to read about it? The New York Times slammed Australia for it last month. It’s damning stuff.

So, I’m hardly surprised that Junkee reports that he’s now in big trouble in Melbourne – and so is the plane that brought him here:

Despite having no visa to enter Australia Mr Newman-Mariotti boarded a flight and arrived in Melbourne this morning.

The airline faces a fine for carriage of a person who does not a valid visa.

Since Mr Newman-Mariotti does not hold a visa, he is unable to enter Australia and remains in the presence of ABF officials at the Melbourne Airport pending his removal.

Despite the fact that Newman had the intention of presenting ill-informed opinions while here, it really wouldn’t be appropriate to put him in a place like Nauru for breaking what is a really serious law in Australia by sneaking in here without permission.

Sorry, but no. America – feel free to take him back.



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  • Harry Flashman

    We are truly sorry for Ken Ham

  • Jack Baynes

    I guess “The Lord” wanted him to learn a lesson, so let him board a plane so he could have an exciting encounter with the border force.

    • Makoto

      Maybe it’s like “The Lord” calling all those poor GOP folks to all run for President of the US, just to humiliatingly drop out of the race… wait, could this mean that their lord is actually Loki, the trickster?

  • Peter_Rowney

    Lawyers representing Newman said they had withdrawn a Federal Court bid launched this morning to allow him to enter the country, meaning he will likely be deported.

    • My_Oath

      There are ‘rumours’ circulating they are going to lodge the appeal with the High Court instead. Not seen any verification for that so I suspect it is bunkum.

  • Peter_Rowney

    the ABC understands he flew on a United Airlines flight, and a spokeswoman for Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the airline now faces a fine for carriage of a person who does not hold a valid visa.

    • Derrik Pates

      Something tells me he won’t be welcome on any other United flights going forward. Just a guess.

    • captain morgan

      That was my first thought. I thought it was the carrier’s responsibility (in this case, UA) to ensure that all passengers had proper documentation before they could even board the flight. Someone at UA is in deep doo-doo.

      • Viola Pastuszyn

        I’d lay bets that someone who is as big an asshole as he is let it slide. Oops!

  • Tailored

    “Stunned Australia would do this.”

    Really? Stunned they wouldn’t allow a person whose visa they recently revoked into their country? Stunned they would follow their own rules about what to do with a person trying to sneak into their country illegally? Or just stunned that chiristian privilege (or jesus) didn’t magically change everything to fit what you thought should happen?

    • Perhaps they thought the Border Force only stopped dark-skinned people and Muslims.

    • Xena Amazon

      EXACTLY! These people are so accustomed to being pandered to here in the US that they expect the rest of the world to follow suit.

    • Jack Baynes

      I guess his followers didn’t pray hard enough to convince Jesus to intervene.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    “Stunned that Australia would do this”. Needless to say, this is exactly the kind of person who thinks that hunting “illegals” at the Mexican border should be a legal blood sport.

    As I said elsewhere, no country in the world is cool with foreign rabble-rousers crossing the border with the explicit intent of meddling in internal politics.

  • Explorer

    Religious extremist, who has advocated for killing those who violate particular religious beliefs, denied a visa, and arrested upon trying to enter the country illegally without a visa.

    Sounds like a terrorist to me. In some less civilized countries, they might waterboard such a terrorist.

    • My_Oath

      One of his main staffers is a convicted terrorist. Did two years for an attempting bombing of a clinic. Thankfully the bomb failed to detonate.

  • Xena Amazon

    It’s embarrassing to read the twitter feed about Troy Newman. You don’t realize how far the US has sunk until you see it reflected by the rest of the world. People outside of the US think we are all religious wackos.

    Anybody else recall when America wasn’t like this? Or is my memory just faulty?

    • Bri

      I think the extremism was just more hidden. These kinds of people have been around for years, but it wasn’t until some politicians really started pandering to them in the 80s and 90s that they got bolder.

  • Esquilax

    It’s actually a bit interesting to me to read that he needs a visa, because I know that if one were to go from Australia to America- as I did- for a short term trip, then a visa is unnecessary. Yes, there’s specific paperwork you’d need to fill out beforehand, but it’s possible to take trips of up to 90 days on the via waiver program… I’d always just figured that worked both ways, like an agreement between the two countries.

    Either way, glad the law worked as it was supposed to here; my country still has the “because Jesus” exemption a bit, but it’s tempered by a huge dose of “because common sense,” that America doesn’t seem to have. Australians might sweat the small stuff, but attempting to illegally enter the country is big shit, and in fact the conservative factions of the country, the ones most likely to be receptive to the “because Jesus,” excuse, are also the ones with the biggest bug up their arse about illegal immigration. Maybe if Newman had done even a bit of basic fact checking about the country he was going to, rather than assuming every place on earth would be amenable to his provincial little self, he wouldn’t be in this mess, because sorry, but Aussies don’t take “I’m praying to Jesus,” to mean “I get to do whatever I want.”

  • The_Wretched

    As an American, I’m not sure we’d mind were he to get lost in the shuffle.

    • Brink Kelly


  • invisigoth

    How can anybody be so stupid and myopic to believe that they can leave the country without the proper documentation for going to another country. Oh, wait. He’s an evangelical, the world revolves around them. Nevermind.

  • GreenLED

    I love how they’re always “stunned” when the law is followed NOT in their favor. Yet it’s god’s blessing when it is in their favor.

  • Joshua A. Vogel

    we should revoke his citizenship while hes over there so then he cant come back.

  • Chad Boswell

    I’m pretty sure science allowed him to get on a plane.

  • pixeloid

    Forced his way onto a flight despite not having a visa? Sounds like a potential terrorist. Better lock him up for a few years of “interrogation”.

  • Frolios

    Wondering what made him think he could get past Customs without a visa.

  • Tom

    I’d like to know how he got on the plane in the first place … what’s the story there?!

  • Bair

    The point of that quote was to influence his adherents to commit murder.

    But he has plausible deniability because he can claim that he wants a group of people legally killed.