Tim Minchin’s New Charity Song – About Cardinal George Pell

Tim Minchin’s New Charity Song – About Cardinal George Pell February 16, 2016

For those outside of Australia, you might not be aware about the issues surrounding Cardinal Pell and why many in this country wish for him to return from Rome.

George Pell AC is an Australian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and the inaugural and current Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy for about two years now. His heart condition and resulting ill health was judged serious enough to prevent air travel from Italy to Australia to appear before the Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sex abuse – in particular, the sexual abuse by priests in the Ballarat diocese in the 1980s.

However – many people are not taking the excuses about his health as a reason for avoiding an important contribution to the commission.

And that’s where the fundraisers are starting to be created. One even comes with a tune to get the message going viral.

From the Age newspaper this morning:

More than $12,000 has been raised overnight in a fund set up to help clerical abuse survivors travel to Rome to front Cardinal George Pell in person.

On Monday afternoon, A Go Fund Me page was set up by Meshel Laurie and Gorgi Coghlan [called Send Ballarat To Rome], the hosts of Network Ten’s The Project – to assist survivors with costs for flights and accommodation.

By midday on Tuesday, the Courier reports, the fund had raised more than $12,700 with hundreds of people across Australia contributing to the cause.

This afternoon – the comedian, actor and musician Tim Minchin contributed his own fundraiser – in the form of a song.

Donations are going to the same “SendBallaratToRome” GoFundMe Project’s fundraiser:

I do hope you enjoy my new song: ‘Come Home (Cardinal Pell)’
Proceeds from its sale will go into this fund: https://www.gofundme.com/sendballarattorome
You can buy it on iTunes here: https://goo.gl/i2W2XB

You can stream it here: https://goo.gl/5Q97pS

It’s available worldwide and will soon be up on various other digital music outlets. Support a good cause – and help make a difference.

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