Quick Update – SciComm And Podcasting

Quick Update – SciComm And Podcasting May 7, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.23.11 PMI am so focused these days (you can tell by my increasingly sporadic Facebook and Twitter feeds) on working with students on producing and presenting live one-hour radio shows on Radio Fremantle 107.9FM (you can find their shows over here), along with caring for a 13 week old kitten (which is also overwhelming my Instagram feed)…

…that everything else has taken a bit of a hiatus.

I’ve managed to keep up the 365 Days Of Philosophy podcast, but Token Skeptic  is taking a bit of a beating when it comes to balancing running an international tour and travelling across country,  along with preparing for the biggest atheist convention (for the third time!) in Australia.

I’m also finalising the PhD proposal somewhere with all this going on as well!

So, it was with a certain amount of ‘phew!’ that I was able to get back into my old habit of checking out science communication lectures this morning, and attend a panel called Science Communication Masterclass  – A naked scientist and an astronomer under forensic examination.

I’ve got the full notes on my Patreon page for subscribers, but here’s a few points:

Science Communication Masterclass  – A naked scientist and an astronomer under forensic examination
Professors Chris Smith and  Alan Duffy in conversation with Dr Paola Magni.  Prof. Chris Smith (the managing director of the UK science communication program The Naked Scientists) and Prof. Alan Duffy (Melbourne astronomer and regular presenter on Australian television and radio) will be in conversation with Murdoch’s own forensic superstar, Dr Paola Magni. Hear how Alan and Chris started out in science communication, what advice they have on communicating science to the public and how they balance public outreach with their academic/research careers.  

A few notes:

  • success began with lucking out with a good brand, the eye-catching (no pun intended!) Naked Scientists label during a down-period in the 2000s for science communication in the UK. Weirdly enough, it was only when Australia got into inviting Smith, et al, onto shows and broadcasting them here that the UK paid attention to their press releases!
  • Because of the timing of media, they need to have their demands considered first – see for self what it’s like in the studios, the journo offices to see their deadlines and match up to that.
  • “Some universities are now seeing the value of having high-profile scientists, such as Brian Cox in Manchester or Alan Duffy at Swinburne…however, cannot have ‘mini-me’ clones, need to encourage individualism!”
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