Nineteen Lies and One Truth

Nineteen Lies and One Truth January 22, 2018

I promised myself that I’d keep at least one blogpost every week this year and due to my studies have fallen behind already. So, here’s a game for you and feel free to join in on the comments.

  1. I tried learning French during my first year of teaching full-time, and only managed to give myself a headache at the thought of understanding the numbering system.
  2. It might have been better if I studied something useful like business studies, since at least one student from my graduating education class ended up working in London for Penguin Press.
  3. I very nearly got a tattoo after getting my M.Ed thesis, but the formula that was an important part of the analysis involved was so fidgety that I didn’t think that it’d work very well and would probably end up being smudged with time, and while science and math tattoos are very cool, there’s a limit to how often I’d feel like explaining what the hell it meant, and the thesis is collecting dust on the shelf anyway.
  4. I also think that having Zenner cards would be cooler, but if someone I knew who actually did do research involving Zenner cards didn’t get a tattoo involving them, so I certainly wasn’t going to.
  5. I’m a big fan of bull ants. They’re horrific, but just so fascinating.
  6. It’s not possible to become a functioning alcoholic when the only thing you have a taste for is champagne and you’re terrified of popping the cork on the bottle, so at least that means I’ll have a liver that isn’t too dissatisfied with its lifespan.
  7. In high school I was known as “Molotov” after being picked on by the school bully once too often and without warning smacked them in the face with a copy of the full works of The Lord of the Rings. All three volumes in one paperback. They were too embarrassed to explain to the principal what happened to their nose and every thug on campus gave me a respectful wide berth after that incident.
  8. I am probably the only graduate from my education class who has remained in education this long; most of the others became nurses, small business owners, work in publishing or work in Human Resources.
  9. I worked for two months at a food stall and very nearly learned how to contact juggle during the long breaks when people weren’t wanting lunch.
  10. There’s only one of the crystal balls still remaining from my time learning to contact juggle, and I’d strongly suggest that if anyone is interested in learning it, they should use a beach or a sandpit rather than spending a fortune on crystal balls or (better yet) use some other kind of ball.
  11. I sold my old Doc Martens on eBay at a profit and ended up buying pretty much the exact same pair (but new), and now regret that I have to break them in over another period of six years just to get them comfortable.
  12. I have probably the only remaining red rubber duck from a restaurant that used to exist in my home town, a posh little beachside place that gave the toys away if you went to one of their end-of-year banquet dinners.
  13. I was possibly the only person at the banquet dinner who actually looked forward to getting said duck after the meal.
  14. I have a long burn scar on the inside of my right wrist that I got not long after my wedding (while ironing a shirt) and after attending a wedding of a friend the week after, had everyone at the reception table looking sideways at my arm and wondering if I’d tried to self-harm (when I figured out what was going on, I had to reassure everyone that married life was going just fine, and there was nothing to worry about!)
  15. I used to have a big collection of ‘stress balls’, but the kind of stress balls that are in the shape of brains, hearts, ducks, sheep, you name it, until I realised that they were just dust collectors and creating more stress than alleviating it, so I got rid of them.
  16. Someone on the streets of a nearby town once self-harmed in a horrific way and I was able to help administer first aid until the ambulance arrived, and since then I’ve kept my first aid qualifications up to date as I never want to be in the situation of the people who freaked out and ran away when they realised what was happening.
  17. I keep a jar of pencils that are of the exact same kind that I used when first learning to produce radio shows, as it helps to remind me that there’s always a first time for everything, and it’s best to have a comfortable system while learning the ropes.
  18. I still tend to be inspired by very last minute plans when teaching though.
  19. I have horrific insomnia that is only dealt with by using the 4-7-8 method.
  20. I was ambidextrous but chose to be right handed due to the angle of writing when seated at a desk with other people, but use a mouse with my left hand.

Your turn.

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