Token Skeptic Week One At Perth’s #FringeWorld 2018

Token Skeptic Week One At Perth’s #FringeWorld 2018 January 30, 2018

Kinda-sorta transcript:

Everyone’s making recommendations and seeing shows around Perth, and I’m no exception. For my first week I took part in Seeking Basic Needs And Other Tales Of Excess, an audio tour involving stories of migration, notions of need and simple acts of transcendence – and honestly? A little long, and I was reminded of a Perth Festival show I took part in back in 2016 called A Mile in My Shoes. Great audio, fascinating monologues, but yes, a little long with an hour’s walk involved. Interesting project though, and it’s running over at PICA, complete with headphones and a map that takes you to the Pleasure Gardens and back.

What I really enjoyed this week was comedy by Kate Smurthwaite, a British stand-up comedian and political activist who has two shows – ForniKateress and a chat show called Late with Kate. I even got to interview her about her work! I highly recommend catching Kate Smurthwaite’s shows, over at the Henry Summer on Aberdeen Street.
I then headed to the Red Room inside the Brass Monkey, where I learned that one in six people in Scotland suffer from hearing loss. Two of those people are Ray’s Bradshaw’s parents, and he’s turned it into a Fringe show, called Deaf Comedy Fam. I caught up with him afterwards to ask him how the show got started.

Finally, if you’re into audience participation (not everyone is, but I enjoy it), I have two recommendations – one is a wild card that came from bumping into  John Robertson; his production of The Dark Room hits Perth for a rare hometown show, over at the Rosemount Hotel.

I also caught up with the Adam Hembree of the Soothplayers, who are a team of improvisers doing two shows at the Palace Society: The Completely Improvised Shakespeare and the Completely Improvised Harry Potter.

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