Token Skeptic Week Two at #FringeWorld 2018 And The Curiouser And Curiouser Bookclub!

Token Skeptic Week Two at #FringeWorld 2018 And The Curiouser And Curiouser Bookclub! February 7, 2018

Just a quick round-up on what’s been going on – firstly, there’s a new short episode of some of the running about I’ve been doing for Fringeworld 2018 over on the SoundCloud page:

Some of the recommendations / heard good things about that I have for the #FringeWorld week-or-so to come (and check listings, as some of these may end very soon!) include:

The Perth Festival season is also underway, and while I’m sad that Kardajala Kirridarra can’t make it over due to flooding in the Northern Territory, there’s a number of shows I’ll be reviewing including:

  • Attractor
  • Il N’Est Pas Encore Minuit
  • Farewell to Paper
  • Nassim
  • The Far Side of the Moon
  • Ben Folds throwing paper planes around because he can – and did you know that Tim Minchin did One Angry Dwarf with him over at the Sydney Opera House? I don’t think we’ll be that lucky over here in Perth:

I’ve also started off February by beginning some Skeptic Book Club Recommendations over on the Curiouser and Curiouser column; one of the first podcasts for the year is with the author of How To Be Reasonable, which you can find on the Token Skeptic Podcast.

If I have any energy left after all of this, there may be more podcasts on the way, along with a few more randomised wild-card selection reviews of what’s going on around FringeWorld, so any recommendations welcomed. Just hit me up on the comments.



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