Guess Who’s Running For The Australian Senate? Anti-Health and Anti-Sense

Guess Who’s Running For The Australian Senate? Anti-Health and Anti-Sense May 3, 2019

Thankfully being able to number a group last first when you fill out the whole voting paper for the Senate is always an option…

Yes, the ‘involuntary medication objectors’, joining together the bizarrely misinformed claims of anti-vaccination and anti-fluoride in water supplies, are under the impression that they might have some influence in national politics!

If you’re not aware of the reputation of these kinds of people aiming to do I-know-not-exactly-what whilst they are in hypothetical Senate power, I think heading to Light For Riley Facebook page has a great summary of what you need to know.

In addition, you can check out The Australian Immunisation Handbook and the Fluoridated drinking water page, and also a great Conversation article by Matthew Hopcraft on the matter, with a breakdown about four myths about water fluoridation which are propagated and then debunked:

A consistent message

Adding fluoride to tap water to prevent tooth decay is one of our greatest public health achievements, with evidence gathered over more than 60 years showing it works and is safe. This latest review, tailored to Australia, adds to that evidence.

In short, this bizarre effort by a minority group aiming for a Senate seat may be a way of getting some minimal attention, but thankfully there’s enough decent and correct information out there that will hopefully be promoted by some more sensible political parties as a way of distancing themselves from such anti-health garbage misinformation. Here’s hoping it inspires them.

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