Umbrella Academy Season 2 – It Never Rains… But Thankfully There’s More

Umbrella Academy Season 2 – It Never Rains… But Thankfully There’s More August 7, 2020

After watching the Umbrella Academy Season 1, I have to admit that I started the show because of Ellen Page and Robert Sheehan – and then stuck around because the ensemble cast (particularly the minor characters Hazel and Cha-Cha, played by Cameron Britton and Mary J. Blige).  This delightful montage appeared last month:

Season Two arrived in August and was everything I hoped for.

After the Hargreeves siblings are tossed through time into Dallas during the 60s (and not even the same years, just to make it more difficult) – things get weird. Even for them. The challenge of reuniting across the decade to prevent a brand new apocalypse before getting bit back to their version of 2019 is bad enough.

Now there’s a really weird situation with their adoptive father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves,  aggressively denying even the possibility of their potential existence. Then there’s also the usual battalion of mysterious assassins that might be from the timeline-protecting organization known as The Commission tearing about trying to destroy them. I kept squinting at the screen trying to figure out if I recognised the killer “Swedes” from some other TV show, because they just seemed so cohesive, as if they’d done this in a few other Netflix series that I’d saved and not got around to yet.

This was a great opportunity to further extend on the Academy personalities and Season 2 took it, with the added bonus of politically charged times to investigate and the return of terrifyingly ambitious “The Handler” (with Kate Walsh just chewing up the scenery, with an snarky cool attitude that matched her astonishing dresses). Diego’s new love interest, Lila (Ritu Arya) added her own quirky mystery to the mix.

Sure, I tried Doom Academy and I found it interesting, funny and clever as many others did… but I couldn’t binge-watch it. It was oddly too heavy during the past few months of wondering about impending world-ending. As daft as that sounds in comparison to watching Five spending Umbrella Academy Season 1 Ep 1 staring aghast at the ruins of New York and then desperately spending decades finding his way home to reverse it. Umbrella Academy 1 won me over and seeing Season 2 was a real lift over the past week. I hope that Season 3 is funded (let alone feasible).

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