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An award-winning Philosophy teacher with over ten years experience in education, Kylie Sturgess has lectured on teaching critical thinking, feminism, new media and anomalistic beliefs worldwide. She is a member of the JREF Education Advisory Panel and regularly writes editorial for numerous publications. 

In 2011, she was the winner of the Best Individual Activist Award from the Secular Students Alliance. Kylie presented at and was a co-MC at the Global Atheist Convention in 2010 and 2012, has conducted over a hundred podcast interviews and is the host of the Token Skeptic podcast.

Her work features in the book The Australian Book of Atheism, The Open Laboratory Best Of Science Blogs 2008 and The Young Australian Skeptics Blog Anthology. She also writes for the Curiouser and Curiouser online column for CSICOP, and contributed to Daniel Loxton’s Skeptic.com manifesto What Do I Do Next?: Leading Skeptics Discuss 105 Practical Ways to Promote Science and Advance Skepticism’.

Kylie Sturgess’ 2011 Masters thesis in Education is on the measurement of paranormal beliefs, focusing on gender differences, called “Anomalistic beliefs in Australians : a Rasch analysis“. In 2010, Kylie was a co-author of the paper ‘The structure of superstitious action – A further analysis of fresh evidence‘, in the journal Personality and Individual Differences (Science Direct), a peer-reviewed publication. It involves a re-analysis of Wiseman and Watt’s short scales of positive and negative superstitions.

Speaking Engagements


Global Atheist Convention – 2012

World Skeptics Convention – Berlin


  • 2011 – New Zealand Skeptics Convention – Christchurch, New Zealand. ‘Token Skepticism – Adventures in Skeptical Podcasting‘ and ‘Current developments and the future of scepticism?‘ with Prof. Martin Bridgstock.
  • Dragon*Con – Atlanta, USA. Presenter/panelist on at least six panels – ‘Educating/Debunking What’s the Difference?’; ‘The Truth About Conspiracy Theories’; ‘Skeptical Activism 201 – The Skeptics Strike Back’; ‘Very Superstitious…’; ‘Great Superhero Skeptics! The History (and Herstory)’; ‘Token Skeptic: LIVE!’
  • Melbourne – Monash University, RMIT and Melbourne University, on ‘Fleeced – The Rise And Fall of a Aries’ Belief In Astrology‘ , ‘Very Superstitious – From Crossing Fingers To Friday The Thirteenth‘ and ‘Feminine Intuition, Pseudoscience And How To Be More ‘Skep-chic’‘.
  • QED Convention – Manchester, UK. ‘Reaching Out Reasonably’ – a panel with Eugenie Scott, Sile Lane, David Kirby, Kylie Sturgess and Janis Bennion.
  • 2010 – TAMOz – Skeptic Zone podcast.
  • Dragon*Con – Atlanta, USA.
    Presenter/interviewee on seven panels: Skeptically Speaking (Canadian Radio Show)Naturally Skeptical? The Psychology Behind Being a Skeptic (Skeptic Track); Podcasting Beyond Belief (Podcast Track); Skepticism and Education (Skeptic Track); Skeptic Zone (live podcast); Skepticism 2.0: Blogging (Skeptic Track); Women: Myths, Feminism And Skepticism (Skeptic Track).
  • 2010 – Atheist Convention Australia – ‘The Rise of Atheism’ – Melbourne, Victoria. Master of Ceremonies. Presented on Sex and Skepticism: a Study of Belief in Australian Women.
  • 2010 – GlydeIn Talk, Fremantle, Western Australia. Perceptions and Deceptions – Visual Illusions and Superstitions.
  • 2009 – Dragon*Con – Atlanta, USA.
    Presenter on six panels: Luck, Amazing Coincidences and Other Charm(ing) Delusions (Science Track)Skeptic Zone Podcast – LIVE! (Skeptic Track)Darwin’s Bulldogs – Teachers on the Front Line (Science Track);  Skeptic Psychology and in the Classroom (Skeptic Track)The Gender-Gap in Science – Myths and Realities (Science Track); Australian Skeptics Study Of Paranormal And Pseudoscience Beliefs (Science Track).
  • 2009 – Belief and Unbelief Conference – Murdoch University – Perth, Western Australia. Tuesday, July 14th. Brian Hill Lecture Theatre. Presentation on gender differences and the paranormal belief scales research.

Awards and Memberships

In 2011, I was awarded the Best Individual Activist Award from the Secular Student Alliance, for my activism, writing and lectures, as a university student. Australian Skeptics Critical Thinking Award (runner-up in 2006 and winning in 2007).



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