The 10 Who Brought Me Back To The Church

The 10 Who Brought Me Back To The Church February 5, 2015

  1. Pope Francis – His election instantaneously compelled me to reconsider my 41-year absence.
  2. Thomas Merton – His Seven Storey Mountain was the turning point in how I viewed the Church.
  3. Father Jim Martin – His books, excellent in their own right, led me directly to Thomas Merton.
  4. Professor Peter Kreeft – His teachings are consistently clear, insightful, and deep – yet accessible.
  5. St. Augustine – His Confessions introduced me to the very beginnings of the Church.
  6. St. Thomas Aquinas – I have barely begun to tap into this rich resource. But I instantly recognized genius and my desire to learn from him.
  7. St. Francis – His life has always intrigued and compelled me. His is a wonderful and inspiring insanity.
  8. Venerable Fulton J. Sheen – His videos and talks kept me tethered to the Church without my even realizing it – and even during my most absurdly hate-filled, anti-Catholic days.
  9. Father Robert Barron – A modern day Fulton J. Sheen. An extraordinarily gifted teacher.
  10. St. John Paul II, Pope Benedict – So much left to read, contemplate, grasp. Two intellectual and spiritual giants. I didn’t get Benedict until after he stepped down. Now I do.

Ok, that was really 11.

So sue me


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