Two Gardens, Two Trees

Two Gardens, Two Trees February 14, 2016


Two Gardens

What the fall in Eden unleashed,

The rise near Gethsemane contained.

The sting of death succumbing

To an encircled prickle of thorns.

Painful toil upon a cursed land,

Revealed at last as but a harbinger of

An easy yoke walking upon holy ground.

Turmoil, decay, and death transformed,

Forever cast into flames, unbound.

Two Trees

One tree holding out promise

Of knowledge and life,

And the power to command

The heavans from earth,

Coveted by stealthy rivals.

A second tree, humility itself,

Fully embracing death,

Even as it pointed to

A life renewed.

Its wooden embers, if fanned,

Shine as a light along the way.

With history now upended,

And death finally crushed,

The reversal, once begun,

Was on that day



Copyright 2016

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