January 26, 2014

Part 2 of a two-part series with unnecessarily long titles on time. This post is loosely connected to a previous post on time, its limits and consequently how we ought to spend it. In addition to the limits of my brain capacity, I simply haven’t got the time (pun intended) for tackling anything comprehensive about time. I have more questions than answers on the subject, but here are a few humble pensées on time. In his A Brief History of… Read more

January 20, 2014

In a field I am the absence of field. This is always the case.                 5 Wherever I am I am what is missing. When I walk I part the air and always                         10 the air moves in to fill the spaces where my body’s been. We all have reasons for moving.                         15 I move To keep things whole. This is a sad poem. I think we all know the feeling of being somewhere but not really being there. We… Read more

January 17, 2014

 Part 1 of a two-part series with unnecessarily long titles. In an effort to lure the broadest readership to my fledgling blog, I couldn’t think of a better way to draw droves of folks in than to begin by reminding you that you are all going to die. Hence the potentially intimidating Latin-phrase-of-a-title that becomes actually intimidating when you realize what it means: remember you gon’ die, son (a rough translation). Happy New Year, y’all! For our first adventure of… Read more

January 1, 2014

Top Albums, Films, Days of 2013 (top 3 are in order, the rest are not) TOP ALBUMS Chris Thile “Bach: Sonatas and Partitas, Vol. 1” Volcano Choir “Repave” James Blake “Overgrown” Matt Scott “Poets & Saints” The Lone Bellow “The Lone Bellow” Lost in the Trees “A Church That Fits All Our Needs” Daft Punk “Random Access Memories” The Bad Plus “Made Possible” Stile Antico “Phoenix Rising” Phosphorescent “Muchacho” TOP FILMS 12 Years a Slave, dir. Steve McQueen – brutal…. Read more

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