Texas Bathroom Law, Police Chiefs, and Bad Political Theater

Texas Bathroom Law, Police Chiefs, and Bad Political Theater July 26, 2017

Police Car by Pat Green

I’ve already written about the bathroom bill in Texas. The divide on the Texas bathroom bill is almost down the middle with Democrats opposed and Republicans in favor. In the midst of all of this, a new voice had entered the fray. Law enforcement. Police chiefs all over the state of Texas have stated this bill would complicate their officers’ jobs. The police chiefs also said there is no problem or issue with transgender people using bathrooms. One police chief even went so far as to call it “bad law” and  “bad political theater”.

This bill is going to embolden people to discriminate against transgender individuals. This bill will make the jobs of the police harder and more expensive. There will also be a cost to business as powerhouses like Amazon, Apple, IBM, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, At&T, Texas Instruments and others have all come out in opposition of this bill and said it would affect their desire to operate in Texas.

So this bad political theater? Who benefits from a law that police do not want, resolves and prevents no crimes that are occurring, and costs the state money and reduces revenue? Governor Abbot is gambling that it will benefit him and his re election. His cards are hate, prejudice and Evangelical Christians. The chips on the table are at risk transgender children and adults, police officers, Texas tax expenditures and tax revenue.

For him, it may well be a good gamble. But it will be very costly to everyone else in the state of Texas.

I was in Dallas a few months ago. The chokehold that evangelicals have on the state is amazing. When driving through Dallas it is megachurch after megachurch. God is used to sell everything from banking to burgers. I have never seen anything like it.

I hope this does not become the rest of our nation, but it has just come to my attention that Donald Trump has banned all transgender people from serving in the armed forces. I’ll write about that tomorrow after doing more research based on the reactive posts I am already seeing.


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