ABC News Chicago Reveals the Cruelty of Christian Conservatives

ABC News Chicago Reveals the Cruelty of Christian Conservatives December 27, 2018

 By Richie Diesterheft from Chicago, IL, USA - ABC7 News Crew, CC BY 2.0,
Photo By Richie Diesterheft from Chicago, IL, USA – ABC7 News Crew, CC BY 2.0,

Transgender people are disgusting abominations who should have no rights in Trump’s America! This was the overriding theme in the comments by conservative Christians in response to ABC Chicago News’ coverage about me and my child. The cruelty, crassness and utter disregard for human decency by many of the Christian conservatives that commented on the story about me and my child on ABC are no longer shocking. But this just got personal.

I am not going to give them the attention they so crave by giving you links and names. Over the last week I have seen horrific and dehumanizing statements, memes and sentiments of hate spewed in various spaces of social media. They have been local firefighters, educators, retirees and even a police officer. If you go to their page to learn more, you will see American flags, pictures of Donald Trump, Crosses, Bible passages and other assorted showings of their dangerous and deadly version of god and America. Not only have I read them, so has my child and other transgender people and their families.

What Those Who Hate Need to Know

  1. You are on the wrong side of history. We have seen their ilk before. The Southern Baptist Convention was started from a pro slavery position. They could not, in the name of their god, allow slavery to be made illegal and immoral. We’ve also seen the Christian response to hold back women’s equality, Civil Rights and many other things. Each and every time they lose. Furthermore, like the Southern Baptists did, they often have to renounce their forefathers of hate. One day, the people who speak ill of my child will be the very people a future generation will likely have to denounce with a near unanimous vote.
  2. Very few people celebrate your bile and see beauty in your Christ. In their scripture they believe they have a great commission to spread the good news of the gospel. In the name of a god with no gender who is referred to as a father and a mother and a Jesus who spoke of forgiveness and love for all, they spread ill will.
  3. We’ve been in this fight for five years and have heard it all. Over the last two years I have told stories of my child being misgendered, refused service at a restaurant, threatened at homecoming, denied service at pharmacies, pursued by self appointed changing room enforcers and standing with other families. I’ve also spoken about how President Trump has tried to roll back the civil rights of students, ban transgender people from the military and erase them from existence. Throughout all of this we have overcome as have transgender people in not only America, but the world.

You Can’t Stop the Signal!

Transgender people are winning elections, entering beauty pageants, competing and winning in professional sports, getting ordained in churches, starting businesses and are integral parts of society. Over the last five years I have met many transgender teens who are now in college. They are going to be therapists, biologists, accountants, politicians, teachers, nurses, doctors, business leaders and so much more. They will continue to protect your freedom in the armed forces, put out the fires in your neighborhood and keep the peace when you have to call 911. Transgender people have been a part of your history and your present reality. Make no mistake, they are a part of your future.

I stand beside them, listen to them, and support in any way I can.

Conclusion on Christian Conservatives

In the wake of this experience and being in the sixth week of therapy (six weeks without working for those keeping score at home) I have come to a conclusion. I am not done writing. I’m certainly not done being an advocate. As a matter of fact, we’ve only just begun.

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