The World’s Gone Mad: Adding Value to Trans Lives and Needs

The World’s Gone Mad: Adding Value to Trans Lives and Needs September 12, 2020

dark tunnel to freedom
Freedom Tunnel by Stuart McAlpine 2013 CC

QAnon is gaining momentum with anti-Trans (as well as antisemitic, Islamophobic and racist) views and misinformation. Jk Rowling is doubling down on her anti-Trans views. Trump and Pence march on with polls that are too close. Like Covid-19, we have no cure or vaccine for dangerous ideology and hate.

In so many spaces in America there is no value to transgender lives, black lives, brown lives and other marginalized people. To my friends beyond the binary, you have value. I wish we lived in a world where we did not have to have an uphill battle for acceptance, safety and equal rights. But that is not the world we live in here in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Science, psychology, love and truth have taken a backseat. We live now with to overt and covert hate. The hate spewed by baseless conspiracy theories, Christianity, and the Trump flavored version of the GOP. Facts, laws and the constitution do not matter.

In America there is nothing the black person, brown person or queer person can do to stand up for themselves that is acceptable to this group of maniacs on parade.

The Reality Of Hope

It’s my hope that you will have your rights reinforced after November 3rd. We can shove hate and willful ignorance back into the closets that you have so bravely left. It is easy for me to have hope, though. Even though my child is a 20 year old transgender person who’s life and safety I fear for and fight for; I don’t walk the streets in fear. Police, TSA agents, QAnon adherents, Christians and Trump fans do not threaten my life and my safety daily.

I’d like to say I am doing all that I can these days, but to be honest, since shelter in place, I have been a little bit lost. Fighting for my own survival economically and psychologically has been a hard road. I have tried a few times to come back in here and use my voice, but it has been difficult because of fear and anxiety.

Just as I was beginning to socialize and step out, we were all shoved into forced (and necessary) isolation. That said, necessity has forced me back into the fight and I will do so on a daily basis. Here are the reasons.

The Reasons To Get Back In the Game

  1. I love you. If you are trans, genderqueer, LGBT, black, brown, have a disability and face this screwed up world every day, I love you.
  2. For all the wrong reasons my voice as a white middle aged cis het carry more weight. May as well use it.
  3. I love my kid.
  4. I recently had an old friend become a QAnon adherent almost overnight. She’s an alt spiritual leader (woo, crystals, meditation, etc) and she was always down to love unconditionally. Now she equates the “feminization of men and masculinization of women and blurring of the genders” to be the root of the cause for normalizing pedophilia and this venture is somehow backed by “the jews” and Bill Gates and Tom Hanks(???). The conversation was scary and there was no ability to reason with her on sources and critical thinking.
  5. I need the money. But while I write for that reason, I promise to give value and love in this daily commitment of 500-600 words a day.

To The Transgender Youth

I love you and I have your back. To have your back means I do not leads the charge. You do. I am here to listen, to explain it to others so you can focus on being you, and to fight for you. For Odin’s sake, don’t give up until they rename this dump Gilead.

Please Help Me Stay In the Fight

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