Nurse Suspended for Prayer Offer

Nurse Suspended for Prayer Offer February 7, 2009

A UK nurse has been suspended for offering to pray for an elderly woman while on-duty:

Community nurse Caroline Petrie, 45, says she asked an elderly woman patient during a home visit if she wanted her to say a prayer for her.

The patient complained to the health trust about Mrs Petrie who follows the Baptist faith.

She was suspended, without pay, on 17 December and will find out the outcome of her disciplinary meeting next week….

Mrs Petrie says that she has taken advice from the Christian Legal Centre, which aims to protect the religious freedom of people who follow the Christian faith. 

I know the nurse meant well, but it doesn’t seem like something she should have been doing. It’s fine to visit people and pray for them on her own time, but not on her employer’s. Honestly, if I’m sick in the hospital, the last thing I want is some nurse pestering me for my prayer requests.

What do you think — should she have been suspended for offering prayer to a patient?

[Here’s an update.]

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