Prank Calling Creationists

Prank Calling Creationists April 25, 2009

What happens when you call up a prayer line and tell them scientists are creating a magnetic field to stop Jesus from returning to Earth? Andrew Milne tried it and found out:

My recent experiences have shown that Creationists will believe pretty much anything, so long as it’s not vaguely scientific or logical.

I put in a call to the Word of Faith Christian Center and spoke to a lady who immediately shared my concern when I told her that I had recently heard news of scientists who were creating a magnetic field to stop Jesus from returning to Earth. We prayed together that these scientists be stopped and that atheism be crushed with the full force of God’s hand.

Poor, poor confused woman.

Then Andrew called up again and told a man Obama admitted to being a Muslim:

In another call to the Word of Faith Christian Center, I spoke with a man who seemed confused, at first, when I told him that Barack Obama had just admitted to being a Muslim and performing the Salaat, as he hadn’t heard anything about it. 

I then told the man that I was calling from Perth in Western Australia, and the conversation went as follows:

“You’re a day ahead of us… Do you guys get news before us sometimes?” 
“Uh, yeah…” 
“So we’ll be hearing about this later? Oh what a tremendous revelation that we were deceived!” 

Since it had only just happened in Australia (which is “in the future”), he prayed a preventative prayer to stop it happening in the United States.

Creationists, unwilling to accept the fact of evolution, yet willing to believe that the Earth is a giant time machine.

A very good point. Christians are willing to accept completely improbable things like virgin births, miracles, and resurrections without any evidence — then they scoff at people who accept evolution with textbooks full of evidence and insist that “there’s no evidence for evolution!” It’s mind-boggling.

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