Storm by Tim Minchin

Storm by Tim Minchin April 14, 2009

This is really, really, really good. Seriously — I can’t tell you how awesome I think this video is. It’s 9 minutes, but it’s worth your time.

I’ve been in similar in situations, and I can’t keep my mouth shut for long, either.

Finally, poetry I can appreciate!

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  • gamingguy

    I’m trying to memorize this. It’s long, but well worth it.

  • LRA

    Holy Crap! That was awesome! :)

  • reformedfred

    worth every minute. Reminds me of dining with my neo-con relatives. It’s like you’re just gonna choke on your own tongue if you (cough) just (cough cough) don’t (choke/cough) SAY something!

  • amon

    Tim Minchin is just bloody great. I saw him live in London not so long ago and had a ‘laughed til my jaw ached’ kinda evening.

  • That was indeed really enjoyable :)
    Thanks for posting that.

  • Contented Man

    You made my day….. Simply fantastic!

  • I’ve seen that one before, and I’ll add my recommendation. Awesomely funny, and bang on!

  • This reminds me of one of my bosses. She’s a bit of an old hippie, and she gives be crap about being an atheist all the time.

    “You have to get off this atheism kick,” she always advises me before saying something spiritual.

    I remember one time we took the train the same direction, and so we sat together. I was on my way to see Hemant Mehta talk, and she wanted to buddho-evangelize to me. She told me to picture a glass.

    “If you smash the glass, it doesn’t exist anymore.”

    “Stop right there,” I said, “it does too. The pieces still exist, it’s just they aren’t arranged in the shape we call ‘glass’ anymore.”

    “Ah,” she smiled “it has changed form. Form is transient but the essence persists.”

    I could see where she was going with this. Our human form is temporary, but once our body is ‘broken into peices’ there is something that abides, blah blah blah.

    “No, just because we have a word for a concept doesn’t mean the concept is immutable or eternal. It just means we have a word for it,” I said.

    There was a moment’s pause, before she blurted out “form is nothing, nothing is form.”

    I looked at her quietly, and said “that’s nonsense.”

    “I’m not explaining this properly, I need to consult my teachings,” she muttered, and that was the end of the conversation.

  • This poem is absolutely brilliant and the performance made me chuckle. Quite a fantastic find.

    It’s even funnier because I have met people like Minchin’s dinner guest. It’s so much better to laugh than to groan!

  • brgulker

    Cool poem, thanks.

  • AnonyMouse

    Ironically, science has always had a terrible time explaining things that don’t exist.

    I first heard this poem on Dale McGowan’s blog, and it’s still awesome. Like many other people, I am crippled by a weak ability to STFU in the face of spiritual horse manure. Fortunately for me, the last time I cut loose like this led to a three-day fight with my family which I do not care to repeat, the upshot of that being that I have learned to keep my mouth shut.

    I save it for the Internet. ;)

  • cynic


  • brgulker

    Only thing I didn’t like was the ending… some people do change their minds.

  • Sock

    Tim Minchin is my personal hero. He’s actually coming to America in 2010, or so he himself claimed. I can’t wait til I get the opportunity to see him live.

  • Allison

    Flipping amazing. Thanks for sharing this — I’ve been in a cranky mood, and suddenly, I’m reminded to cheer the hell up.

  • Annie

    LOVE IT!!! I’m sharing with all my thinking friends. Thanks for sharing such treasures!

  • Julia

    wow, this was so brilliantly said.

  • Edward

    Holy hell, that was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Loved it. From one who can never keep my mouth shut when confronted with amazing ignorance, Minchin is now on my list of personal favorites.

  • Somegreencat

    That was great.

  • Mogg

    A friend forwarded this to me a couple of weeks ago, and then backed up by seeing Tim Minchin live last week, including performing Storm. Excellent!

    I hate situations like this because I always come up with the perfect line 10 minutes too late, when I’ve already walked out the door.

  • Fabulous!

  • catsnjags

    that was soooo brilliant.

    i wound up watching a few of the other Tim Minchin videos on youtube and was so hooked that I am now downloading WAY too much of his stuff from the torrents.

  • Absolutely brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed that!

  • Herbz

    Tim is awesome! Ridiculously smart and a brilliant pianist.

    Check his “So Live” DVD, it is really good.

  • Francesco Orsenigo

    Storm makes actually a good point when she says that Big Pharmas are greedy bastards bent on overselling us drugs…
    It’s telling that they spend more on marketing than on R&D.

    However, I love the way the move puts it: “Isn’t this natural world enough for you?”
    Reducing the beauty and complexity of Nature to simple human mind patterns is arrogant and limitating.
    As a physicist, it took me five years of hard studies to have a glimpse of how Nature works, but at least in a way that just poses questions then shuts up and lets Nature speak.

  • dwhitsett

    The Aussie hippie came into the discussion with her mind made up about everything and was confronted by a person who had his mind made up about everything. The result was a further polarization of positions. They parted with nothing accomplished except a venting of bottled up frustrations. The universe is wonderful, complex and filled with mysteries waiting to be understood. If we observe it with preconceived notions we will find ways to justify those notions by what we see or refuse to see. The theist accepts the possibility of an invisible aspect to the universe, the agnostic or atheist accepts only what is known or potentially knowable. Two different launch pads for thinking and, unless something changes, “…never the twain shall meet.”
    Hurling insults across a street, room or dinner table accomplishes absolutely nothing but the hardening of viewpoints. Both are trying to win the contest, neither does.

  • dwhitsett

    The atheist has rejected the possibility of the supernatural. His mind is made up. The theist accepts the possibility of a supernatural. You know there is no invisible aspect and nothing can change your mind. You can claim repeatedly that your mind is not made up but you certainly have failed to convince me. Why not throw in some obscenities and call me stupid? How well is that working for you?
    You are right about the clash of ideologies but we can choose to handle error as we see it with civility or not. No civility — no discussion…just a rancorous defense of a viewpoint. As far as throwing out the “kid gloves,” and stamping out “stupidity when you see it, you are absolutely right if you just want to harden a position.

  • Michele

    If you like ‘Storm’, you should check out the following Tim Minchin videos:

    I love all of his work, but these are real standouts.