Thanks for Dying Jesus, This Candy is AWESOME!

Thanks for Dying Jesus, This Candy is AWESOME! April 10, 2009

Even secular folks can join Christians in celebrating the excruciating death of their God on a cross today. If he didn’t die, would we be getting all this awesome candy? I’m not so sure.

So thanks, Jesus! Om nom nom.


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  • J. Allen

    Of course we would get candy, because Easter is simply the Roman spring Festival!

    Xtians don’t know when Christ was actually crucified, so they conveniently choose the same week as the Roman celebrations of the Goddess Flora because Christ rose being dead like her flowers do.

    (Never mind the that old testament commanded them not to take traditions from other cultures.)

    • ” marry other hermaphrodites?, this is certainly an oddity in human existence, obviously a result of the sin of fallen man, but no clear answer here. ”

      Exactly how do you know the fall of man is responsible for hermaphrodites.

      Also even if it the fall of man is the reason why your perfect loving god allows some humans to be born not quite male or female if he really meant for all men and women to marry members of the opposite sex why would he allow folks who are biologically in between women and men.

      Does this really make sense to you?

    • ” Do you know any hermaphrodites? Are they conflicted with their sexuality? If not maybe they recognize their place in the order of husbands and wives, for instance ”

      Know I don’t know any hermaphrodites but the fact is you cant have it both ways. You cant make statements such as god meant for man and women only to marry but on the other hand god allows people who are in between male and female to be born.

      In Spite of the fall you are claiming that god against homosexuality, gay marriage etc. If this is true then why would god create humans who do not fit the deffinition of male or female.

      This is seems to contradict your beliefs that god is against homosexuality, if it doesn’t please explain how it doesn’t.

    • My point which you seems to have missed doug is, if a hermaphrodite who is lets say 50% male and 50% female biologically wants to get married who should they marry a male or a female.

      Also would your Invisible Sky Daddy be Ok with this.

    • Markbey,

      First let me establish this:

      A hermaphrodite is a person who possesses the sexual organs of both male and female. The Bible does not address hermaphroditism. Therefore, it is difficult to doctrinally ascertain the Lord’s position about them. Nevertheless, what are we to make of hermaphrodites?

      God’s intention of the sexes is that those born males act like males and those born females act like females. But, in rare instances there are babies born with the sexual organs of both sexes. Why is this? First of all, sin is in the world and it sometimes takes its tolls on our bodies resulting in various deformities. Nevertheless, in the case of hermaphroditism, the identity of the individual is still intended by God to be one or the other. After all, God would not make someone in contradiction to His created order and purpose. This means the hermaphrodite, thought physically ambiguous, does possess an identity of one or the other. It would seem best, then, to let the hermaphrodite grow and decide which gender to side with since he/she would know his/her own identity internally. If surgery is elected to make the decision permanent by altering the body to represent one or the other sexes, then that seems like a reasonable choice to make.

      Second, it appears that most, if not all, hermaphrodites have a definite side they take as they develop since there is an internal genetic (XX, XY) dominance even though there is an external ambiguity. It is the internal genetic dominance that determines male and female — even though sometimes mutations occur that leave both sexual organs. In some cases, there are hermaphrodites who are distinctly male in appearance yet have female sexual organs. There are also those who appear decidedly feminine in physical appearance yet possess male sexual organs. Either way, the genetic dominance is the sex and the person will manifest that dominance as he or she matures.

      If you will notice in my responses, I am showing that there are differences in peoples sexuality, whether they are physically affected (hermorphodites) or mentally affected (homosexual and gay), there is a difference in the genetics, as with ALL people.

      Homosexuals make a choice to be homosexuals, hermorphodites are born with this make up. I believe that if a hermo decides they want to be male of female they can choose either or, or be with other hermorphodites. Just like Gays choosing to be with other gays.

      The fact that God made us perfect and we fell away from his grace through Adam, opens up all types of imperfections in our human bodies, cancer, genetic heart disease, limbs that are not fully developed, blind, deaf, etc…this does not mean that each individual sinned and caused this, it is simply because of the fall.

      God also speaks of women going through the pain of childbirth, something that wasn’t present in his original plan, but because of sin, he allowed it.

      To wrap this up, God allows sinful man to choose, he doesn’t always zap us because we have made the wrong choice, that is the proof to me that He loves us more than we could ever think or imagine.

      Ultimately the discussions that we are having on this blog present a ‘no win” or no conclusion as we are coming for 2 different sources, the Christ followers get there wisdom and inspiration from God and His Word, something we feel is without error and irrefutable. The non-believers get their information from current proven scientific fact (or they claim). Your spirit will always be in conflict with your flesh, never shall the two agree.

      This is why Jesus had to die, to bridge the gap between the Spirit and the flesh. Only those who accept this and receive His spirit will be able to agree on the essentials.

      And, if you are looking for a perfect Christ-follower, you will be disappointed, Christ-followers serve a perfect God in an imperfect world, only He is perfect. Believers are in the process of progressive sanctification, being made Holy day by day until He returns.

    • Annabella Hargrove

      “If you will notice in my responses, I am showing that there are differences in peoples sexuality, whether they are physically affected (hermorphodites) or mentally affected (homosexual and gay), there is a difference in the genetics, as with ALL people.

      Homosexuals make a choice to be homosexuals, hermorphodites are born with this make up. I believe that if a hermo decides they want to be male of female they can choose either or, or be with other hermorphodites. Just like Gays choosing to be with other gays.”

      Up until this specific post I could at least respect what you had to say, and even enjoyed the debate. This post, on the other hand, is a gross display of biased arrogance and unintelligible babble.

      Nowhere in the Bible does it say that being born with a physical disabilty, a mental disability, homosexual, or hermaphrodite is because of sin.
      To try and rationalize a child being born a hermaphrodite-or better yet-with down syndrome as a result of

    • Annabella,

      I guess I should explain further, (as the Bible states) because of the fall men and women experienced death. The ailments, diseases and abnormalities mentioned in my post can certainly lead to certain death. My intention was not to link those situations directly to the fall of man.

      ROMANS 5

      12Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men, because all sinned– 13for before the law was given, sin was in the world. But sin is not taken into account when there is no law. 14Nevertheless, death reigned from the time of Adam to the time of Moses, even over those who did not sin by breaking a command, as did Adam, who was a pattern of the one to come. – Romans 5 (NIV)

      And I do enjoy your posts as well.

    • rodneyAnonymous

      There are countries where the punishment for homosexuality, right now, yesterday and probably tomorrow, is death.

      Not “sit on death row for five or ten years and maybe capital punishment will be outlawed by then” punishable by death, real “we’ll chop your head off at dawn” punishable by death.

      There are homosexuals living in those countries.

      I find these facts to be in glaring opposition to the idea that homosexuality is a choice. Maybe in some cases it’s a choice, or the choice is whether or not to hide it, or something, but I don’t see how the idea that all homosexuality is a choice is the product of anything but limited experience.

    • Annabella Hargrove

      I got cut off-my apologies.

      As a result of “the sin of man” is just obsurd. These are all disabilites that are purely scientific anomalies made up of genetic mutations.

      Your post shows again the many contradictions in the Bible, and for that reason, I will re-post a study done to examine the particular passages you are quoting.

      “It is a fundamental part of Calvinism, and therefore found in the official doctrines and histories of most Protestant churches. But not only that, it is also an integral part of Catholicism. One Catholic theologian put it this way; he said, “…all men except Jesus and His blessed mother are born subject to death and deprived of grace…”

      The Protestant reformers, including Luther and Calvin, included the idea in their creeds as well. For this reason, Catholic and many Protestant denominations practice infant baptism. At least originally, the practice began as a way to save the infant from spiritual and everlasting condemnation due to the sins he or she inherited from their parents at birth.

      Essentially, this doctrine holds that sin is inherited; that a child is lost in sin at birth and a child is totally depraved at birth. When it is pointed out that Jesus was born of Mary, it is explained that Jesus did not inherit sin because Mary was sinless (this in spite of the fact that the Bible plainly tells of Mary offering her sin offerings according to the Law; see Luke 2:22-24 and Leviticus 5:7-13). When asked how it was that Mary was born without inheriting sin, the answer is that Mary, herself, was “immaculately conceived.” The Scriptures nowhere teach anything like this at all.

      The doctrine that we are born in sin is a false doctrine, pure and simple. It contradicts plain Bible passages concerning the nature of sin and the definition of sin. We see this in the teaching of God’s prophet Ezekiel, for example. The Spirit inspired Ezekiel to teach;. “The person who sins will die. The son will not bear the punishment for the father’s iniquity, nor will the father bear the punishment for the son’s iniquity; the righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself.” (Ezekiel 18:20). The creeds of men say the son does bear the punishment for the father’s iniquity, but the word of God says he does not. The choice is ours as to which to believe.

      Passages Used By Those Who Believe We Are Born In Sin
      There must be some defense that is offered from the Bible to advance such teaching. Of course, even Satan will misuse Scripture to his own ends. The question is, “Does the Bible teach that we are born in sin” not “Can I force the doctrine into a passage?” Let’s take a brief look at the best defenses of the doctrine that are offered. If there is any merit to it at all, this is where we will find it.

      (Psalm 51:5) “Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, And in sin my mother conceived me.” This is from a Psalm of David after his sin with Bathsheba. It deals with the sin of an adult, and shows the repentance of an adult (vs. 10-13). David does not say he was a “sinner baby” but rather that his mother conceived him in sin. Read it again and see! David was born into a sinful world. Sin was all around him from birth, so he was ‘brought forth in iniquity.” The Jewish writers who wrote of this Psalm say the same thing.; David is saying that he was born into a sinful environment.

      (Psalm 58:3) “The wicked are estranged from the womb; These who speak lies go astray from birth.” First, note that if these people were born astray then they could not “go astray from birth.” Infants are born into a sinful world with their eyes and ears wide open. They are so inquisitive, beginning to learn immediately through taste, touch, sound, sight and smell. They are watching, and they see evil all around them constantly from birth. They may not know it is evil yet, but it is there and it does influence them. The clincher is this: the ones going astray speak lies, so the going astray has to be accomplished, at the very least, only after the person has learned to speak!

      (Ephesians 2:3) “Among them we too all formerly lived in the lusts of our flesh, indulging the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, even as the rest.” What made these people “children of wrath”? Was it something they inherited or something they had done? Verses 1 and 2 help us to answer that question. “And you were dead in your trespasses and sins, in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world…” They were “by nature” what they were. “Nature” here does not refer to constitutional character but rather to habit… sin became natural, or we sometimes say, “second nature” to them by their long and diligent practice of it.

      Passages Which Contradict The Concept of Being Born in Sin
      (Matthew 18:3) “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus said we must become converted and like little children. He would not tell us to do this if children were truly born totally depraved. If they were born as totally depraved that would mean that there is nothing in them that is not depraved and therefore we should not become like children in any sense. But Jesus said there was something in children that we need to take as our example (their humility). This passage shows that children are not born totally depraved (see also Psalm 106:36-39).

      (Hebrews 12:9) “Furthermore, we had earthly fathers to discipline us, and we respected them; shall we not much rather be subject to the Father of spirits, and live?” Here, God is referred to as the “Father of spirits.” While we inherit our physical attributes from our physical parents, our inner person, our spirit, we get from God. Our spirit is created ‘in His image.” If we are born totally depraved, then we are depraved in body and spirit. If that is the case, then we inherit our sinful, depraved spirits from God! But in God there is no evil, and therefore none to pass on to us.

      (2 Timothy 3:13) “But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.” If we were born totally depraved, then we could not get worse.

      (Luke 8:15) “…these are the ones who have heard the word in an honest and good heart, and hold it fast, and bear fruit with perseverance.” If total depravity is true, then there is no such thing as “good and honest” hearts.

      One final point. God defines sin for us. It is not something inherited, nor does He define it as something we are born with. Lord, what is sin? God answers: “Everyone who practices sin also practices lawlessness; and sin is lawlessness.” (1 John 3:4). Sin is not something we are born with; it is something we do. When we break God’s law, we sin. The good news is that the gospel of Christ is the power of God to take away our sins.”

      The homosexuality argument will be saved for a later date.

    • Look, Anabella Hardgrove, gay people do not choose to be gay, just as straight people do not choose to be straight. People do not choose their sexual orientations. Their sexual orientations choose them. This is now recognized by psychiatrists and psychologists and their professional associations.

      Homophobes who think that homosexuals choose their sexual orientation feel they have a valid reason to change or “cure” gay people. This position on homosexuality merely legitimizes homophobic bigotry.

      Harleigh Kyson Jr.

  • michelle

    this gave me quite the chuckle this morning.. reminds me of the eddie izzard skit about easter..on the dress to kill show

    The pagans had big festivals
    on Easter and Christmas.

    Christians had big festivals
    at Easter and Christmas.

    Jesus died on one and was born
    on the other. Hm-hm-hm-hmm?

    Cos…Jesus I do think did exist.

    He was a guy
    who had interesting ideas

    in the Gandhi area, the Nelson
    Mandela area – relaxed and groovy.

    The Romans thought,
    “Relaxed and groovy? No

    So they murdered him.

    Kids eat chocolate eggs
    because the color of the chocolate

    and the color of
    the wood on the cross…

    Well, you tell me.

    It’s got nothing to do with it,
    has it?

    People are going, “Remember kids,
    Jesus died for your sins.”

    “Yeah, I know, it’s great.”
    “No, it’s bad.”
    “It’s bad. lt’s terrible”
    “Whatever you want.
    Just keep giving me these eggs.”

    And the bunny rabbits, where do
    they come into the Crucifixion?

    There were no rabbits going,
    “You putting crosses in our warrens?

    “We live below this hill, all right?”

    Bunny rabbits are for shagging,
    eggs are for fertility.

    It’s the spring festival.

  • DarkMatter

    It should also be submitted to:

  • Confused

    Me, I think we’d be nomming chocolate for the Equinox, which was weeks ago. Damn you Jesus! Postponing my chocolate!

  • FoxSynergy

    Isn’t it obvious what Jesus and rabbits have to do with each other? No animal gets nailed more than a rabbit…

  • Q: What were Jesus’ last words?

    A: Ow. Ow. Ow.

  • I can haz candee? Om nom nom nom!

  • ericbroze

    Why don’t they just make chocolate Jesus? We could bite the ears off first, just like chocolate bunnies.

  • rodneyAnonymous

    Cadbury Mini Eggs are like Platonic (perfect, ideal) M&Ms.

  • F. McKeown

    Xtians don’t know when Christ was actually crucified, so they conveniently choose the same week as the Roman celebrations of the Goddess Flora because Christ rose being dead like her flowers do.

    J. Allen, don’t you know Jesus entered Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. The Passover meal was the Last Supper. The Bible speaks, therefore, specifically about when Jesus died, and is not just the Roman ‘Spring Festival’. You want to know why Easter jumps around the calender like an ADD sufferer with a caffeine addiction? It’s cause it’s based on the Jewish calender, and Passover occurs during the first week after the first full moon after the Vernal Equinox.

  • Jimbo

    Everyone knows that Easter is when the Easter Bunny Jesus comes out of his hole after three days to lay colored eggs all over the yard. While he’s out, if he sees his shadow, we get 4 more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow, he goes and gets all of the stuff that he lent out to people when he thought he was going to die, which is where lent comes from… people spend 40 days trying to learn to do without what Jesus gave them in case he wants it back on Easter.

  • I don’t believe in any gods.

    Therefor i’m not a hypocryt and don’t celebrate any days that have to do with any religion.

    I had a talk about that with a friend of mine today, and we agreed that people should create their own special celebrations.

    Mine are old/newyear, my birthday and whenever i feel like suddenly throwing a party (which is about 5 times a year)

  • Hilarious!

    Along the same lines:

  • Mike

    LOL!!!! This cracked me up. Thank you

  • In spite of the mockery on this blog, our risen Lord still loves each and every one of you. As long as you are alive, God will hold back His judgement and give you the opportunity to know Him. Christ didn’t come to condemn any of us, but to save us.

    “16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

    18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. John 3:16-18

    Happy resurrection day!

  • Love this!

    Just posted my own Happy Easter bit:

  • Don’t really like this, provocative and insulting just for a cheap laugh which isn’t really witty or humourous.. kind of childish

  • ericbroze

    So true, Elemenope. Way to nail them to the cross.

  • xznophod

    the story I heard about collecting easter eggs & bunnies comes from the N. sea islands where every spring people used to row out to collect the eggs of seabirds. the birds hunt fish during the day, meanwhile, wild rabbits crawl in their snuggly nests to keep warm. it still happens but the bird eggs are protected now (mostly)

  • maria

    this blog is very short-sited…if you really knew what jesus did he didnt just die after the third day he rose from the dead! idk bout you but thats what im thankful for, not having to spend eternity in hell, i get to spend it with my savior who showed me ultimate love by giving up his life for me and everyone else.

    • Amos M. Capps

      I wish christians would think about their mythology instead of just mouthing it like parrots.

      Where is your Jesus now? He’s at the side of the father, no? Where is the sacrifice if God still has his son?

  • Scarlett

    do you by any chance have a Christian Background? and if so do you think you are a good person? if you do think that you are good than please go to and do the Good Person Test. it’s really cool!!!!

  • Would a patient participant – or perhaps the blogmaster -care to explain the rationale behind the angst towards Jesus Christ that’s present in this thread?

    It seems a bit untoward to cruelly jest about someone’s vicious murder, if one doesn’t believe that it really happened.

    In Christ,

  • jtcrawford

    I am sorry that today was the day to bash Christianity. It’s sad that there is so much anger here. I clicked on the blog just checking WordPress. Disconcerting that this would be their image on one of the Holiest days of the year. I realize that many of you feel enlightened by rejecting Christ. I hope you reconsider. Have a good weekend.

  • I love it!

  • Roger asked: …do you know what this blog is about? At all?

    Actually as far as I know this is my first visit here.

    This being said I had assumed this is an atheist blog, in which case I should expect that no particular deity would receive any particular notice or interest.

    But perhaps it’s actually an anti-theist blog?

    If so, then I might expect that all deities might receive more or less equal time being ridiculed, pilloried, etc.

    Maybe because this is the week that many Christians worldwide meditate upon Jesus Christ’s passion, cross work, death, burial and glorious resurrection He gets some special treatment? Maybe a little gratuitous abuse? Maybe a little razzle-dazzle to rile up the poor, ignorant Bible-thumpers?

    It just seems rather petty…that’s all. See, here’s the thing – I would think that maybe people who don’t believe in something might have other more important, pressing, or interesting things to do than sit around at their keyboards and viciously malign things they don’t even believe in, you know?

    For example I should find it quite strange indeed if this blog were dedicated to heaping contempt, disdain, and ridicule upon “The Flying Spaghetti Monster”, and the combox participants were busily making up jokes and leaving harsh remarks about how utterly foolish, hateful and sinister the concept of a”Flying Spaghetti Monster” truly is.

    Just a thought.

    In Christ,

  • ravenmaster451

    Unthinking lightweights constantly attempt to infer a continuation of ancient festival celebrations as a backdrop for christian traditions. Obviously Jesus death was very specific and intended to be completed at the height of the Passover week since he was the true sacrifice for the world. The Jewish passover was only a foreshadowing of what was required to appease God’s wrath against sin. His rising from the dead brought new life and hope into the world.

  • Roger said: Oh, get over it.

    Hmmm…seems a bit less than hospitable of you, but after all, it’s your blog space and your life, right?

    Carry on!

    In Christ,

  • Roger

    You really need to read the About Me section…cause you’ll find it ain’t about me.

    Still, you need to get over it…and yourself.

  • Roger

    “Sorry I get all mean around Easter…”

    Apparently, so did the imaginary sky-friend. Good Friday? Not if your name was Jesus!

  • auroracoda

    I’m not an atheist, I was raised in a Christian household/community.

    However, I have found over the years that the one thing that bothered me the most about organized religion was how it took away the right of the people to believe what THEY wanted to believe.

    I never understood how we could have traditions that were so NOT a part of what Christianity supposedly stood for and actually represented everything that Christians stood against. How could we celebrate the birth of Christ in December when he was born closer to the summer (June/July?). Why do we buy into all the commercialism that comes with these “holy traditions”. Why must we have the best decorations? The most twinkle lights? The glowing baby Jesus? The biggest tree? The chocolate eggs? The bunnies? The massive amounts of CRAP that we spend money on just to impress other people or buy a one way ticket into those pearly gates?

    And WHHHHY won’t Christians, Muslims and Jews realize that most of the worlds religions all have something in common? That there is text older than the scrolls proving that holy stories similar to Christian ones, were being told hundreds of years before Christ and Christianity?

    I never understood how, as Christians, we condemned other religions. Wasn’t God about love, acceptance, respect for fellow man and all that good stuff? Why did this sect have to be more right than that one? Why all the different sects? Because there were so many rules? Who made those rules? Pretty sure it wasn’t Jesus. Man wrote the bible and Man made those rules.

    I’m spiritual but not religious. I believe that there is a God (or God’s or even Goddesses) and I believe that I should live a good life because it’s the right thing to do. NOT because I want some free pass into Heaven.

    Thanks for this blog…I like that you can point out the fact that some who would call themselves devout spend more time following traditions and spouting forgiveness while quoting text than actually trying to do good for themselves or their fellow man.

    Now excuse me, I have some chocolate bunny ears to eat.

  • adi143

    The invention would not have been possible at all.

  • oh, i love this so much!

  • stushie

    It’s even better – candy plus eternal life!

  • Deborah Bancroft

    …because nothing says devotion like a wind-up, egg-pooping bunny!

  • altonwoods

    Isn’t freewill wonderful? We all have the opportunity to at some point in our lives come to understand our brokenness, and then decide just how to deal with it…there’s that river in Egypt approach, and the “I’m much too fast to take that test” approach, even the “someday when sin just isn’t so much fun I’ll consider it” approach…Someday we’ll all “approach” God, on our knees, confessing the truth! personally, I think that you guys need to come up with some much better material,if you try spouting off some of the stuff I’ve read here to Him it’s NOT going to be pretty…it’s YOUR eternity,and YOUR choice, choose wisely…

  • gregpress

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen “Om nom nom” in writing before; yet, I can hear a cartoon character nom-nomming so clearly when I read it. Great job.

  • Nanu

    I find it interesting that chocolate is so extensively used for Easter when the folks of that time didn’t even know it existed!

    Chocolate comes from the cacao plant and that is indigenous to the Americas :)

  • And also, if your imaginary sky friend is so all powerful, then why did it need a blood sacrifice to “appease” it’s wrath? Seems kind of…stupid, don’t’cha think?

    The answer to your question is no, it isn’t stupid at all.

    The One True and Living God of the Holy Bible is the unique and sole Creator of all things in existence, and all things hold together by the power of His Word alone. Mankind became sinfully corrupted when the federal head and representative of our race, Adam, rebelled against the Creator, bringing God’s curse upon all those born of the flesh after Adam, which includes every human being ever born apart from the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The curse of sin and death corrupted every part of the fallen creature man, who is now subject of futility in his life and mind. Even his reasoning power – his thought life – is full of sin and rebellion against the knowledge of God. As you might imagine this places man in a terrible predicament because he still retains the knowledge within his own consciousness that he is made in the image of God – that even in his fallen state he is still God’s image bearer – yet he is driven by his sinful heart of rebellion and active personal disobedience to God’s authority to suppress the knowledge of God in unrighteousness. And it must be noted that mankind is morally and personally (individually) culpable and responsible for his own rebellion and he knows it.

    Man clearly sees the revelation of the One True and Living God in the natural order, man sees his power on display everywhere and at all times and man even senses his Creator’s infinite perfections within immaterial and transcendent universal laws such as logic itself. The very foundation of reason requires the presupposition of a perfect and holy transcendent God, yet the rational materialist cannot account for things such as transcendent universal laws, and must therefore by necessity be driven to futility and irrationality, because the alternative is nothing less than to acknowledge the truth of the absolute authority of the One True and Living God of the Holy Bible.

    The Muslims don’t have a god like the One True and Living God, in fact the Koran rejects Him outright, substituting “Allah”, the moon god, in His place.

    The Jews have rejected the One True and Living God because they rejected Him when He came into the world as Jesus Christ. They have substituted the vain traditions of men and legalism for the knowledge of Him.

    Like Islam and traditional Judaism all the religions of men that have ever existed are idolatrous and are merely streams of the one false religion of human merit. People are driven to do “good things” because their Creator made them to serve Him, but since He is rejected people turn their desires to do “good things” toward idols, thereby corrupting any goodness they may have thought to do in the process and heaping even more sin upon their own heads.

    Biblical Christianity is the one pure and true religion which is based not upon what men do for their “god”, or for other men, or for themselves, but rather is based upon what God has done for men. God Almighty miraculously took on human flesh and came into the world in the person of Jesus Christ, the second Adam, to live the perfect life that God demands of all people everywhere. In doing this Christ fulfilled all the obligations of God as revealed in the Holy Bible, thus being fully and totally righteous in and of Himself, something no other human being could ever have done.

    Christ stands in the place of sinners as their substitute, reconciling to God all those who come to Him by grace alone, through faith alone. Jesus Christ bore God’s holy wrath against sin upon the cross making Himself the only mediator between God and men, and the only hope of salvation leading to eternal life. The alternative is abiding under the eternal wrath of God in hell.

    Because of these truths all men and women everywhere who are apart from Christ stand condemned, abiding under the wrath of the Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty to whom all praise and glory is due from all His creatures.

    And perhaps the saddest part is that people recognize these truths in their heart of hearts. They know something is wrong, even if they can’t place their finger on it. In their heart of hearts they know they abide under the wrath of an angry, righteous God above them, they know they have a guilty conscience within them constantly wagging its accusing finger in their face crying “guilty, Guilty, GUILTY!”, and they know there’s a yawning hell beneath them where there is eternal punishment in flames and weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    It’s for these Christ came. He came to seek and save the lost and gave His life for them.

    Allah didn’t do that.

    Buddha didn’t do that.

    No one else did that.

    The God of the Holy Bible is wrathful and requires justice because He is perfect. This is why he requires appeasement of His wrath. He would be less than perfect and in fact would be an unjust judge if He simply “forgave” people out of some sort of feeling of cosmic benevolence.

    Even sinful lost human beings can see the breach of justice. If a judge simply “forgave” everyone who came before his bench, regardless of the crime committed and without any consideration of the guilt or innocence of the accused we’d call him unjust and demand that he be removed. If every judge acted in this manner then all the criminal justice systems in the world would collapse.

    It’s because God is just that He requires punishment for crimes against Him, and it’s because He is merciful that He came and paid the price Himself. Christians call this grace.

    I wish you all a happy Resurrection Sunday!

    In Christ,

  • “It’s for these Christ came. He came to seek and save the lost and gave His life for them.”

    Ironically enough there are billions of miserable awful people in the world. What did Christ do wrong?

    Meanwhile the Buddha tries to set your soul at ease and help you understand what happiness is despite who you are while Christ is being a judgemental asshole, leading a whole religion of stubborn judgemental assholes. WHAT A COOL GUY!

  • Coram Deo said, “Christians call this grace.”

    — My cat is named Grace :) She likes bunnies but she’s not so much into big spikes or chocolate candies.

  • LRA

    “Allah didn’t do that.

    Buddha didn’t do that.

    No one else did that.”

    Well, Dionysus did that. And so did Persephone. And so did Osiris…

  • glanceskyward17

    God is Love.

  • DarkMatter

    “I wish you all a happy Resurrection Sunday!”

    I am now in heaven using a heavenly computer until monday.

    Thank you Christ for the foretaste of heaven.

  • FoxSynergy

    I can’t get enough of this circular reasoning. “I’m right because I’m right because I’m right…”

    Pointing at yourself and saying “am so!” isn’t convincing. It’s childish.

  • DarkMatter

    “19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them.”

    I am still waiting in heaven for God to make it plain to me, sadly He and his angels are on earth celebrating with christians, so lonely up here, but I will be back on earth on monday.

  • FoxSynergy

    Hitler was a Christian, so he’s automatically good in their book, right? One of them.

    Well, let the zombie worshiping death cultists believe whatever they want.

    All of you who are *not* insane, I hope you have a great weekend and… try to do something fun for the pagan fertility celebration these pseudochristians are going on about, OK?

  • I wonder if my cat, Grace, would like ^ Donny’s ^ porn?


    Hey! Keester rhymes with Easter!


  • ChicagoismynewBlog

    Hey, congratulations on the success of your blog! I recently started my very own wordpress blog so hopefully you can check it out when you have the time. Good luck in the future!

  • E Kent

    As a Rhode Islander, I’d like to point out proudly that Jesus was crucified in our state. And anyone who doesn’t believe it just hasn’t looked at that scroll nailed to the top of the cross.

  • gregwirths

    You guys ar sure uneducated about the facts. Easter is connected with the PAssover of the Jews. That’s why John the Baptist called him the Lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world. Jesus Christ died on Passover Day in 32 AD. He was the last Passover lamb to be slain. A pagan historian by the name of Thallus who lived in A.D. 52 recoreded that there was a miraculous darkness covering the face of the earth on Passover 32 A.D. So the hoiliday or day of celebration is rightly timed on the calendar. About the candy, I agree that it is not in keeping with the awesomeness of the event, yet, no other religion including Atheism can claim such a tremdous foundation of belief backed up by the facts. Easter is so exciting because shortly afterward the disciples of Jesus went into an upper room in Jerusalem where they were filled with the Holy Spirit and literally changed their known world. In fact Christianity was so powerful that even the Roman Eperor Constantine embraced Christianity for political purposes. This doesn’t sound like a farse or anomoly of sorts. They were so powerulf in their witnesses and miracles that their movement was irresistable. They had received God’s Spirit and it changed their lives. I use to be agnostic of sorts but when I encountered God first-hand it litterally changed my life. No one can refute that and it has been about thirty five years of joy and happiness. So guys, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. I’m not talking about church, I’m talking about a personal encounter with God.
    Thanks and Prayers

  • fabulous!

  • This is funnier–and perhaps less insulting?–than George Carlin’s bit about pork chops.

  • Just another reason why so many folks so dislike atheists. Pretty childish, this.

  • marsha O’Brien

    Truly funny people don’t have to belittle others spiritual beliefs to get a laugh. Turn about is fair play- “when you die, I hope you fry!” Ha ha- A riot, eh?

  • I will never understand the relation. Anyway, how is babby formed?

  • Stan

    The bible was written by illiterate arabs back when they thought the earth was flat. Any 12 year old today knows incredibly more about the universe than the wisest man of biblical times.
    Religion could not possibly be started today. Can you imagine a woman walking into any major hospital anywhere in the world today and explaining that she was a pregnant virgin and that she was carrying the child of a man or spirit in the sky.
    “Code 69. Get someone down here from Psyche, STAT!”

    Religion is something one inherits from their family,society, or culture. If Osama Bin Laden had been born in Kansas he would probably be a Baptist. If he had a good education he would probably be a scientist.

  • Roger

    You moron, don’t you know that Muslims worship the same frikkin’ “God” and that “Allah” is the Arabic word for “God”?? Geez. And you can blather on and on and, apparently, ON about sin and what not, but you never explain why an allegedly omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent “god” NEEDED to incarnate itself into the form of a human, get it’s ass royally kicked, just so it could get up out of a tomb and then, all of a sudden, this “god” now likes all of humanity–just so long as all of humankind (with its diverse religions which all claim forms of divine revelation) says that this particular, local religious myth is completely true.

  • Roger

    No, dear, you have to prove affirmatively that Christ “rose” from the dead. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. And no, Josephus isn’t a credible source, as his writings merely note that Jesus existed and had a following.

  • reformedfred

    ok, maybe I scrolled too fast and missed this along the way, so bear with me, but yesterday I was at Barnes and Noble and saw this actual book (the one that began this thread). And so, having seen it here on Unreasonable Faith, I just had to read it and what a fine read it was indeed.

    “It’s fun to decorate Easter eggs… turn page… BUT Jesus___________”. “It’s fun to wear new clothes, BUT Jesus________”. “It’s fun to go on egg hunts with my friends, BUT Jesus_______________”.

    Dry heave. Nothing but a book to alleviate parental guilt that with all this fal-da-ra of new clothes, baskets, bunnies, and eggs, that oopsie- Jesus is getting lost in all the commotion (funny how Jesus does that so much- gets lost so easy I mean. Like my keys). So- let’s just fix that by having a fun little book to remind us of priorities here. Uh-huh. Like when you have to open the frickin’ card before you attack the wrapping on the present. Learned impulse control. Sorta like my black lab who must “shake hands” to get her treat. But can’t you see? She gets it. She’s not after the treat really- she wants to shake hands with you. Really. She does…

  • annabellasepiphanies

    That was HI-larious! It’s a good thing you were listed as a top post, or I would never have come across your blog-and that would be ashame. YA RLY.

    I was raised Catholic, and over 15 years ago (I’m 29) I realized that what the christian religion was trying to sale was complete and utter nonsense. Not so much about “God”, or a higher-power, (whatever you wish to call it) but in the sense of tradition. Organized religion is nothing more than a traditional superstition.

    As far as the Bible is concerned, people only see/read what they want too. Line 10 random people up, have them read the same passage, and then ask each one what their interpretation was-you’ll get a different answer nearly everytime. Beyond that, any person of intelligence can clearly see the inconsistencies and contradictions amongst the “word of God.”

    If I had to choose a religion, it would probably still be Roman Catholicism. This specific sect intrigues me, and I am convinced the Vatican knows way more than they are letting on. “Stigmata” is one of my favorite movies, the screen writer is a brilliant philosopher, and though the movie is technically fiction-it rings more truth then people realize.


    “Your Daily Dose of Random Revelations”

  • Jesus is not God he was born of a sinner woman, virgin birth, angels singing on his birthday, three kings bowed at him and etc. he is still not God.

    God cannot die but Jesus died God is Spirit, formless but Jesus died and went to hell and the Spirit of God came to rescue him the so called resurrection. Jesus God needed another GOD to save him? What type of God is this? Your salvation is questionable and that’s why Christians are suffering miserable life you sideline God and worship man who is dead man can’t bless or save you.

    Another thought God don’t eat but Jesus asked for food from the disciples at the seashore, after his resurrection. There are thousands over scripture stated Jesus is not God and he even deny of himself and said ‘no man is good but God the Father in me is ‘

  • thomasedward

    Wow, Daniel. Will you ever run out of material? I mean, how many days in a row can you rake on Jesus before it gets a little old? I don’t know how old you are, but your material is stuff you could find if you went to the library and read stuff that is too old to get archived on Google (which has about a 5-year memory.)
    Yeah. Joking about the crucifixtion and chocolate Easter bunnies is about as original as an NBC police show. It’s all been done before, but I guess that doesn’t stop people from still trying.
    Reminds me of the Athiests Convention. They have one, you know. Every year, they have a keynote speaker. I would guess it’s the same talk – “There is no god!”
    But we get it. You don’t believe in Jesus. That’s your right. But keep it coming. Never get tired of the “Why there was no Jesus” commentary. Been out there for 2000 years.

  • PJ

    Religion is man trying to connect with the one Supreme God the Creator of the Universe unless your naive to believe all this happened here on earth and in the universe by Chance. Christianity is God sending His only begotten Son to earth in order to have a relationship with man and see his heart turn away from sin and closer to His creator.There is a hole in our heart we try to fill with religion, drugs, sex, anger, fear, unbelief etc that can only be filled by God. Take all the knowledge in the world. Maybe you know a dot on the grid. What if that dot of knowledge in the bigger picture is inaccurate and just maybe there is a God? We all have a choice to follow the ways of God in the Bible i.e. love, patience, kindness, worshiping God and no other idols etc. Or you can reject Him as they did Christ but no other figure who has walked the earth has split time as He did and no other figure has more followers who followed him in theses past 2,200 years.

    Something to consider since none of us know it all. I bid you peace.

  • andbabymakescrazy

    Great post. Funny too, when buying candy for the kids at Target last week I told my husband we should throw some toys in the baskets this year and skip the candy. He said, “but Easter has always been about the candy”. I looked at him and said, “no, honey, technically it’s about Jesus”.

  • veteranodel42

    May be a language barrier, but the title sounds me as a horrible sin and an insult to us, the Christ followers. God forgive you.

  • That’s what He’s supposed to be all about…forgiveness!


  • annabellasepiphanies

    Reformed Fred:

    Hey there, what is this thread and other post you are speaking of? Can you link it? Also, if you enjoy this blog, you should check out mine. It’s not all about religion, but of many “random revelations.” If you enjoy entertainment, and controversy- you should enjoy my blog. It has everything from personal memoirs, to politics, to sports, and beyond.

    Hope to see you soon!


  • Andrew N.P.

    Punishing the innocent for the sins of the guilty isn’t justice.

    A man was convicted of murder. The laws of the state demanded a life sentence, without the possibility of parole. But the judge was merciful, and he knew that the man had repented of his crime. So the judge ordered himself to be put behind bars for life, and for the man to be set free. The judge was therefore laughed out of court, stripped of his law license, and thrown into a mental hospital, for he had finally snapped.

  • Hilarious how fired up everyone gets. Let me ask, has anyone changed their mind yet because of these posts? So eloquent, all of them, it would be a shame if not even one hit home with somebody on the other side of the fence…

  • DorkMan

    @Coram Deo: You are one profoundly deluded dude.

    Not only that you are almost astonishingly arrogant in the way you proclaim your sect is absolutely correct and all others are sinful.

    Nothing but regurgitated fundie nonsense – learn to think for yourself some day.

  • reformedfred

    perfect, elemenope, perfect.

  • I’m always interested to listen in on debates about God, the existence of God, the role of God, the plan of God . . . you get the picture. Something I’ve discovered in listening and participating in such discussions is this: nobody is really out to change anyone elses mind. Everyone enters such debates with the knowledge that in such cases and hot topics as these, opinions are not changed. Rather, the whole point is to justify one’s own belief to the world, and in so doing, to make oneself look quite intelligent. I say this in regard to theists and atheists alike.

    I’ve watched the atheist walk away proudly from heated discussions which clearly he won. Did he change the mind of his opponent. Not remotely. If anything, he strengthened the future faith of the theist by pointing out the present weaknesses of his arguments. Likewise, I’ve watched a theist dominate an argument in which he had the distinct advantage of intellect; he too walking away pleased with his victory, his opponent just as opposed to theism as before. This amuses me becuase it has always seemed to undermine the very cause of the argument in the first place. If either person can walk away feeling good that he has “won” when no new facts have been presented and no minds changed, is the argument really about God? I think not.

    We all want to really believe what we say we believe. I will never believe a person who tells me that they have never doubted what they claim as truth. If the atheist argues, he does so to convince himself. If the theist argues, he does so to convince himself. The battle is internal; it has always been internal. The thrill of victory that comes after having duped one’s opponent in debate is not the result his reexamining his beliefs, but the satisfaction of reaffirming one’s own.

    If the arguments were really about God, neither party would leave satisfied. If the arguments stemmed from reasons of true, unselfish concern for others, even the “winner” would leave with sorrow that his opponent had not been enlightened. If the argument were ever about anything besides confirming pre-held beliefs to oneself, the argument itself would cease to exist, for the argument never ceases to be about self.

    To be human is to be selfish. To be human is to disagree. To be human is to believe. We argue in order that the world might know who we are. We argue in order that we might know the world. But we succeed only when we know who we are; when we know that we can convince ourselves of a thing, if nobody else; when we know that the opinions of the world matter as little to us as our opinions to the world.

  • Oh, and Tabbie,

    “Live. Laugh. Love. Cry. Feel angry. Feel happy. Feel sad. Feel scorn. Feel pride. It’s all good, but we must remember to allow others the same choices we wish to have for ourselves. Free will, freedom of choice and freedom of thought…all these things are priceless.”

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m not arguing against argument, I’m just taking a different approach.

  • amylouise2

    this made me giggle, who knows what would of happened if jesus didnt die..humm..

  • Why do the overly religious get hooked into the debates that will never be won on either side. I’m Christian, but I respect Rogers right to blog about his beliefs, and humour, and life, whatever. The arguments, all which are able to go round and round and round, bring out nothing but anger. Actually it’s not the arguments, it’s the arrogance on both sides. All religions and beliefs have schisms, and nobody will be 100% satisfied with all flavors. But each has a favorite. I myself, prefer the peanut butter/chocolate sugar free bunnies.

    Happy Easter & Peace to all…

  • Question-I-thority


    Every so often a thread like this develops that brings in lots of new-to-the-blog Christians. One of the tropes that generalizes along behind is that nonbelievers in the thread are angry. Sure, there is a little anger here or there but really not much and certainly not in general.

    It’s skewed and yet happens over and over. I’m interested because I don’t have a handle on the reason.

  • ardubaie

    [quote]I love my family and friends.

    I love them to a degree that when i feel like meeting up with them.. i make the time to meet up with them.

    I don’t need some day that was picked by a church because of some religion to suddenly have the urge to meet up with my family.

    To be honest.. especially christmas i find disgusting.
    I really don’t need any excuse to stuff myself on any other day and i sure as hell (pun intended) don’t need some fat made up guy.. or some religion i don’t support to tell me that this 1 day i need to think about my family and friends.. and grandma who i normally wouldn’t bother to visit but i should right now because it’s christmas and otherwise i would be a horrid person.[/horrid]

    I so totally agree. Religions were made by man to explain what could not be explained in an era when there was little to no science. Now we have the ability to explain things that happen around us and no longer need religion. I am an Atheist and do not need a religion based upon irrational beliefs to tell me when I should get together with my family, eat certain foods, etc. I especially hate Christmas because of all the hustle and bustle that interferes with my shopping enjoyment. Christmas is about greed and spending money that you don’t have so to keep the economy going. The mythical Jesus wasn’t even born in the wintertime.

    My only consolation is that in the beginning, religions worshiped multiple numbers of gods and goddesses. Later, they decreased the number. Still later, they decreased it more. Now the major religions are down to one God. I can’t wait until they get rid of that one as well.

    As far as Atheist who spend their time talking about something that they don’t believe in order to convince themselves not to believe – Christians spend a lot of time talking about their beliefs and trying to convert others. Isn’t that like the same thing?

    If anyone has read Gilgamesh and about Mithraism, Zoroastrianism, and other religions that were in place prior to the advent of Christianity, they would understand why Atheist scoff at those who believe such tripe as the Bible. I would like you to consider that the death of Jesus was a suicide because he made no attempts to flee and, instead, set himself up to be killed. Isn’t that a sin? And I do find it hard believing that having an innocent person die a horrible, sadistic death in order to save the souls of sinners is a credible and reasonable way of handling sinners.

    [quote]We should ged rid of the notion that religion is in any way more “sacred” than anything else. [/quote]

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Olaf

    Carlotta, there is far more evidence that Santa Claus is real since he has been observed by many people, people actually have talked to him, there are video proof, even audio proof.

    There is a lot of evidence that Dark Vader exists, since we have many many books created by many different writers that all point to this one guy Dark Vader.

    There is also a god called Zeus that lives on a Mountain. Here too there are many references to this.

    We don’t deny god or jezus, we just experience god and jezus as realistisc as Dark Vader, Zeus and Santa Clause.

    For us it is very funny to see people actually pray to god, it is as funny as if you would see someone pray to Darth Vader and have 2 or 3 people in Jedi ornments to come at your door and want to talk about the Force and the deliverance of the dark side pointing to a book called “a new hope”.

  • A.j.

    yes, Easter candy also sent by Pope to earthquake victims. my thoughts are like yours, a sarcastic, that’s awesome!

  • raiukyuu


  • HappySpider

    Happy Easter!

    I am at loose ends today because I am taking care of my sick cat so I can’t drive up to join my family. My family always gets together for dinner on Easter and we enjoy it. When my generation were kids we all got visits from the Easter Bunny on Easter morning, and now it’s my nephews and nieces who get those visits. Easter is a time for flowers and fresh air and winter finally turning into spring. When I was a kid it also meant dressing up in our best, but that’s fallen by the wayside and we are all slobs now.

    Since I feel so nostalgic, I’ll say something nice about my childhood religion, Roman Catholicism. I like that it takes sin seriously. It doesn’t say: good people don’t sin, so if you sin you are a bad person and we should shrink away from you in horror and throw you out of society. Instead it says that we all sin, we are all born hopelessly corrupted by the Orginal Sin and so none of us will ever be good. In your heart, you know this is true. In your heart, you know that you have messed up and done evil.

    Christ died to wash away our sins because you can’t just pretend a sin didn’t happen. A sin is an injury. If someone’s arm is cut off you can’t say, well, that was just a mistake, so we’ll just pretend it didn’t happen and that the arm is still there. Once an injury happens, then the consequences have to be dealt with.

    So the big lesson is that we all have to watch each others backs. The people you trust and love are going to do bad things, they’re going to get problems that are entirely their own fault, and you have to be understanding and help them pick up the pieces. And they should help you in turn. Because although we should all strive for perfection we’re ALL going to mess up at times; it’s part of being human.

    I always liked those ideas. I like reading Western philosophers who understand that forgiveness and redemption are problems that need to be taken seriously. I appreciate Nietzche’s thought that we should focus on being strong, since if you spend all your time thinking about how weak you and making weakness the centerpiece of your religion then you won’t ever try to not be weak, but, nonetheless, I think there is something important int he idea that we are all sinners. I bet Nietzche knew that too: his ideas are in opposition to his religious upbringing and aren’t exactly meant to stand up all by themselves.

    People seem a bit touchy today, so maybe I should be clear about myself: I’m an atheist. So, for example, I don’t go for the Original Sin story where the omnipotent omniscient God creates sin, lays a trap for his humans, then gets all mad when they fall into the trap which he had set and which he omnisciently knew they were going to fall for, and so curses all their descendents forever. Similarly, I reject the Resurrection of Christ story too. What I like is philosophy.

    Oh, and by being “understanding” of people doing evil things I don’t mean that I forgive Hitler or child murderers or that I am willing to codependently let people dump on me. Thst is more extreme than I am willing to go. All things in moderation.

  • Everyone is so caught up with the “when” of Christs death and resurrection, how come know one is talking about the why. Jesus isn’t a religious symbol. He was man and God in the same person, He came to do a job that none of us could accomplish. He conquered hell and death. For everyone making posts. So think of it this way, no matter who you are…. ignorant, poor, rich, black, white, muslim, hindu, jew, man, woman, politician, gay or straight, HE DIED FOR YOUR SIN!! and He knew that there would be ridicule and mockery (like these posts) but He did it any way. Jesus left His prominent place at home to come down here and be a mockery, endure shame and be blasted for you. Then, just when they mockers thought it was over and he was dead and placed in a tomb, He got up!! And He’s still up and the tomb is still empty. So give the candy jokes a rest, come down off your chocolate high and use your heart to figure out the real truth about why Easter, why Passover and why we still have freedom to write this ridiculous stuff in this country, it’s because He gave us freedom, freedom from sin, freedom from oppressive government, freedom to live.

    Who cares why bunnies and chocolate are celebrated on Easter, it’s there for the kids. Christ is the reason for the season. New life, life in Him, and while we were all still sinners, He died for us. hmmm, now that’s love!!

  • antagonist2fools

    I guess you wanted lots of comments to your blog, so the best you could do is mock God to get them. You are truly a fool and you expose so many to their own foolishness every time you stoke their stupidity. And I can’t help but state that you didn’t try Christianity and it didn’t work, Christianity tried you and you didn’t work. And you’re still not working.

  • ucbones

    Great discussions, but missing the point slightly, because it’s not about bunnies, eggs, which day or whatever! Now the chocolate has been eaten and eggs have melted back into storage for another year; but guess what we’re left with: Jesus. This is it, Easter is over for another year, whatever pagan festival it may allude to, but Jesus remains.
    He is alive! Miracle? Can we believe this today? In fact if He hadn’t risen from the dead, then we probably would not be having this discussion. He would be just another prophet, holy man, good guy, doing good things. But He got up again, that changed things.
    This guy was different because He came alive again. OOps! This is awkward! What’s going on here?
    Answer: if he hadn’t died for us then there would be no happy ever after! Now there is.
    So it’s not really about eggs and things, these distract us. It’s about the resurrection, that’s all that matters for us all.
    Happy Easter Blessings.

  • Actually the only reason I’m taking my time writing is to say: I thought the title of this short expose is offensive.

    Nobody is asking you or anyone else here if you want to celebrate Easter; moreover, nobody is forcing anything down anyone’s throats.

    If I had the type of mentality that was given to being disdainful to anyones ideologies or sacred beliefs I still wouldn’t waste my time with this…ALTHOUGH,

    “ucbones” made a very fascinating point and in a fashion to be admired and respected…it’s not about eggs and candy but for us, Easter is about life.


  • (sigh) why bother, nobodies going to see me all the way down here

    • Harleigh,
      I apologize for sending you a response from this location, this site is getting realy hard to navigate.

      2 points you make regarding homosexuality and abortion, two discussion landmines in todays news.

      First let me state that I am involved with abortion and people considering abortion, I have been for 20 years. I have sat with women that have aborted their children. I have seen them mourn and grieve because of it. A lot of women that have abortions are pressured to have them, either by the counselor working with them or a parent that doesn’t want to raise the child or a boyfriend that they are afraid of losing, etc. Some women (very few though) are adamant about this choice to abort. For instance, out of all of the women I have met (and that would be hundreds) I have met 1/2 dozen that were “militant” about it. Abortion is a sad choice, would I condemn a women for making this choice? No.

      I think that the pain that follows is enough for them to bear. Does God condemn them? I don’t believe so. At least not in the here and now.

      And that is because (most I say) don’t realize they are killing a human life. The media, politicians and radical murder groups like planned parenthood have done their job of convincing the masses that it’s a blob of tissue. And that choice is God, except when you consider the child (some female) have no choice but to die.

      I will also go as far to share that my wife and I are foster parents, we see the conflicts first hand with broken families, we also have been through adoptive situations with parents that chose life and gave their child a better option than to eliminate them.

      I am not opposed to homosexuals having a fair shot at any level in society (except of course the pulpit), I have good friends that are gay, several family members that are gay and bi. I don’t condemn them for their lifestyle. I treat them like family. I am not gay, and I believe that Bible is crystal clear in the areas of sexual immorality. That includes, pornography, adultery, any type of fornication, or sexual perversity. Is it my job to condemn someone who practices this? no. Can i have good friends that are gay as a believer? Yes. Most Christians that have gained the attention in the media use their pulpit to bash gays, I believe they are afraid and most of them cowards, and that they will answer for that position one day. All I can say is, if you believe the bible is true than live by it. Does God condemn the homosexual? It doesn’t appear so at least not in the here and now.

      I have acquired these opinions and views through study, real life personal experience, and confirmation from God’s word.

  • Look, Coram Nihilo, this religious boilerplate of yours…

    “Biblical Christianity is the one pure and true religion which is based not upon what men do for their “god”, or for other men, or for themselves, but rather is based upon what God has done for men. God Almighty miraculously took on human flesh and came into the world in the person of Jesus Christ, the second Adam, to live the perfect life that God demands of all people everywhere. In doing this Christ fulfilled all the obligations of God as revealed in the Holy Bible, thus being fully and totally righteous in and of Himself, something no other human being could ever have done.”

    …is nothing more than mythology. It is no more valid than the mythological belief systems of other religions, which you no doubt would reject as false. But really, there is no way of identifying “true” religious belief systems from “false” ones, so all of them come down to being nothing more than incoherent and at times utterly mad ravings.

    Harleigh Kyson Jr.

  • OK – This is to all the naysayers: btw…I am a former naysayer, non-conformist, humanist, new age naturalist, turned Christ-follower….I can say this because I’ve been there, where you are right now…


    Search for the answer to this question: Who is Jesus?
    use whatever means you need to answer the question,

    BIBLE (John is a good place to start),

    BOOKS – Evidence demands a verdict (, Case for Christ (….

    Or TALK to someone you trust who is a Christ follower….

    and after you have examined “all” of the evidence and made your final conclusion, come back to me and tell me that I am insane and should be committed to a mental institution.

    Or tell me that you finally discovered the truth …then we can be on the same page and have an honest conversation about Faith, Christ and His death and resurrection…

    What is sweeter than chocolate bunnies? God’s love is sweeter and lasts longer (a lot longer)….enjoy your new journey!

  • btw, the BIBLE is still the best source, doesn’t take a scholar to understand the Gospels…that’s why it was written in terms that children can understand…

  • dougwadedesign,

    Atheism is a position about belief in gods.

    Beyond that, there is little that atheists actually have in common.

    I believe in almost all of things that Christians and other theists believe in *except* for the supernatural.

    Love, compassion, kindness, empathy, respect — do any of these things really require a supernatural force to establish their validity?

  • LRA

    I’m sorry, but you don’t have the right to tell me I am wrong. You don’t know that with any semblance of certainty, nor do you have evidence to prove it.

  • trj,

    You left out one important fact, the big difference between what a Christ-follower believes and all the major world religions is quite eye opening:

    Christ Followers know that Jesus is the only salvation, the only way to heaven, the only sacrifice, not of yourself, gift of God so that no man can boast

    ALL other world religions (buddhism, hinduism, Islam, judaism, primitive religion) teach that you yourself have to be good enough, work hard enough and deserve heaven

    I would group Christ with other world religions.

    As far as your discovery of the Bible, I am not denying that you have studied, just hope that you haven’t given up, if you are like me, you wont truly rest until you discover Him for yourself.

  • LRA

    I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints (Billy Joel?).


  • wouldn’t that is

    • LRA

      So, Jesus *is* God, but sitting *in the right HAND* of God??? That must be very uncomfortable.

  • trj

    Well, that’s not entirely true, since the various Christian denominations can’t agree on whether you are saved by your deeds or your faith.

  • Roger

    You’re willing to die for a bloody fairy tale?

  • these things don’t require it, they just drastically enhance them…myself, I never knew how to truly love, respect or forgive until I met the ONE.

    Love, compassion, kindness, empathy, respect + Christ = Awesome marriage and great Christian sex!!


  • I understand. I knew it would be a difficult request.

  • dougwadedesign,

    If that genuinely helps you, and you can take it by faith, then I guess that works well enough for you.

    However, it is not good enough for me. I don’t criticize your choices, but I need more before I could even consider returning to Christianity.

  • Some of us believe denominationalism is sin, including myself.

  • teleprompter:
    ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door opens…don’t quit searching my friend.

  • Elemenope

    Some of us believe denominationalism is sin, including myself.

    They can’t both be right, so which one is it?

  • Once again, dougwadadesign, or whatever the fuck your name is, your statement that “Jesus is the only salvation, the only way to heaven, the only sacrifice, not of yourself, gift of God so that no man can boast” is incoherent nonsense. Were it not so well known to our culture, it would be immediately dismissed as a manifestion of delusional psychosis.

    Harleigh Kyson Jr.

  • @elemenope

    It’s Faith and deeds, Faith saves you, deeds backs it up….

    ever try to learn something from a book and not try it for yourself?

  • Good night my unbelieving friends!!

  • Andrew N.P.

    LOL WUT. It was a parable, actually. And you seem to have missed the point of it entirely. Coram Deo claims that God’s justice is fulfilled by the death of Christ. I claim that this is absurd.

    If it is within a man’s power to forgive a criminal penalty (with e.g. a presidential pardon), he may do so at his leisure, limited only by his discretion. Similarly, if it is within God’s power to forgive sin, he may do so freely, and Christ’s death is not necessary.

    On the other hand, if it is not within a man’s power to forgive a criminal penalty (as with my hypothetical judge), nothing else he can offer will satisfy the penalty, except the punishment of the guilty or forgiveness from someone who does have that power. In the case above, the murderer will face life in prison, regardless of the judge’s actions, unless either of them can convince the governor to pardon the offender. So if God cannot forgive sin without violating His holy nature, then Christ’s death is not sufficient; we must still pay for our actions.

    Either way, the point is that, whatever Christ’s death did accomplish, it did not and could not facilitate the forgiveness of sins. (The fact that Christ was forgiving sins left and right, before his death, should be evidence enough of that!)

  • ucbones

    Here’s something awesome to consider or reject.
    As ‘dougwadedesign’ said, quoting from John 1 that Jesus was the word. I agree it is very difficult to understand, but it is simple!
    Jesus existed before the universe was created. He was there at the beginning of time and will always exist. He is the source of everything. He is in everything and everything is held together by Him. If the earth was a few degrees off axis; if gravity was slightly different; if the sun was further away; or the oceans too deep, then we would all cease to exist. Scientists consider that in all the universe there is nothing like earth, it is unique.
    Jesus keeps all things stable; the seasons; the air; nature is all attributed to Him, everything is in His hands; we are in His hands. God reveals all this to everyone, that is His will. (Romans 1). It is called general revelation.
    Now mediate on this: that Jesus, this immense being, who created everything, the universe, the earth, and US, should choose to come to earth in human form and be savagely tortured ( read academic accounts of crucifixion) for the sole purpose of rescuing us from our sins. Can you comprehend the creator of everything becoming human and dying for you. Isn’t that awesome, isn’t that incomprehensible? Reflect on this, and perhaps in this he deserves your respect.
    There are only two cases here: one that He was a crazy man, a mad prophet, and two, that He was in fact God, the creator of everything, who chose to save you. He could have destroyed everything ( The Flood), but He chose not too.

  • annabellasepiphanies

    Jt Crawford:

    Sorry for the delay. I will gladly give you a few examples, but let me make one thing clear; I do believe in “God”, or a higher power. I DO NOT buy into organized religion. I have experienced “miracles”, and ethereal enigmas; for that reason I believe there is an afterlife- another dimension, if you will. However, I feel it’s much more complex and beautiful then your average “christian” makes it out to be. With that said here are some examples.

    1. Sodom and Gomorrah- Most christians will tell you, and interpret this passage as an “anti-homosexual campaign.” A perfect example to my earlier post when I spoke of people seeing/reading only what they want too. For to long christians have missed the larger picture. The town wasn’t destroyed because of homosexual activities, it was detroyed because it was a town inundated with deviance. Angels were raped, incest was rampant, children were being molested, and orgies were commonplace. Homosexuality was far from mind of the maker when the town was destroyed, I guarantee you. (If the story wasn’t a fable made up to introduce the need for morality.) This brings me to the next example.

    2. When reminded of this, most christians will swiftly refer to the passage that says,” Man shall not lie with another man.” I’ll throw you another curve ball. In the same version of the Bible, it also says that it is an “abomination” to wear, or use two different clothes(like wool and cotton) for dressing. It is also an “abomination” to eat specific types of meat, or to have sex with your “wife” during her menstral cycle. It has become widely known, that in those times, many passages such as these were made for hygenic and health purposes.

    3. Since we’re on the subject of morality and the laws of the Bible, I have another bone to pick. If it is so imperative that we follow “the word of God” to a tee, and all the laws of Jesus’ time, then why are men not allowed more than one wife as was common then? It’s convieniant that in modern day society we see fit to change what we think should be changed. Bigomy is only illegal because it is morally wrong. Think about it though, who decided that it was morally wrong?, and why? Man and Woman, as we were taught by Adam and Eve, were put on earth ONLY for procreation, according to the Bible. Sex wasn’t meant to be pleasurable or to become a past-time. It was made pleasurable so procreation would be bearable. (Again, according to the argument of christians.)

    4. Lastly, for now…. The most hypocritical piece of evidence comes from a well known passage in the Bible. “JUDGE NOT LEST THEE BE JUDGED” It’s comical really, how christians are always pointing a finger. I can’t tell you the number of times, both subtly and crudely, I’ve been told I will go to hell for being this, or doing that. To judge me is just as big a sin as any, for there is no sin greater than another. A sin is a sin-there is no jusifying any variation of any sin you may have commited. No human will ever bask in the shadow of perfection as Jesus did. He died on the cross for our sins, to give us freedom of choice- and yet, choice is not an option in many christians eyes.

    Before I sign off, I want to say this: I’m aware I didn’t give exact quotes to the specific passages I spoke of, but I assure you they are there. I’m not going to go pulling out my Bible to give exact quotes for people who don’t want to see the truth anyway. I’m sure most of you have a Bible somewhere- and Google is a lifesaver, you can type in the keywords for whatever it is you are looking for specifically-or go get your Bible and skim it. It’s there. Open your eyes.

    Goodnight and much love.

  • annabellasepiphanies


    The Bible does and did take scholars, many scholars because your passges in your Bible were originally written in so many different languages. This is why it is impossible to say for sure what exactly was right, and what is not.

    Translation is a very difficult trade. Many a scholar have debated the same text and come up with an entirely different reading. Thats a fact, it’s history. Research it for yourself. In fact, there are still many scriptures that have yet to be translated, including “The Lost Sea Scrolls.” The reason for this is because they were written in Aramaic. The oldest language there is. A common misconception is that Jesus spoke Hebrew, he did not. He spoke Aramaic, and that is what “The Lost Sea Scrolls” are written in; they are believed to be one of the only REAL scriptures written by Jesus himself, as the rest were written by his disciples.

  • Francesc


    According to Rferl, Across much of the non-Arab Muslim world, people are celebrating Norouz, the festival that marks the arrival of spring and the beginning of the new year.


    Norouz traditionally celebrates the awakening of nature, life’s renewal, and the triumph of good and light over the darkness of winter. The new year is marked when the sun leaves the astrological sign of Pisces and enters Aries.


    Among the rituals associated with the Norouz celebration is the bonfire –called Chahar Shanbeh Soori — held on the last Wednesday before the holiday. Thanks are given for the good fortune of making it through another winter. To purge oneself of any remaining “paleness” or evil, families lay down piles of wood and brush, igniting them shortly after sunset, and run alongside the fires, occasionally jumping over the flames.


  • Francesc

    Sorry, looking for “african tribes” it’s too general. there are lots of different rituals in the continent. Also, looking for native cultures in new zealand and australia it’s not so easy. Anyway, you should look here for festivities in september, not march. But I think with those examples it’s enough. Isn’t it?

  • DorkMan

    @jt: Why is it easier to hypothesize about black holes, quantum physics and high minded science than to believe in a supreme creator? – easy one to answer – those hypotheses have proof, whereas religion has none.

  • Look, jtcrawford, it is easy to discuss black holes because they can be detected by radiation gathered by telescopes. There is no way at all of verifying or falsifying the existence of a supreme creator, so the concept itself is utterly meaningless.

    Recently I added to my blog, “Interlingua multilingue,” an article about a binary system of black holes in a galaxy far, far away. Their mass and orbits could be calculated through observing the changing colors of the matter that was being sucked into them.

    There is less than a light year’s distance between them, and they will eventually collide and create all sorts of havoc among the stars that are close to them. This is much more awesome than your imaginary god!

    Harleigh Kyson Jr.

  • Francesc

    Well, I hope you are “only” willing to die for your beliefs, not to kill for them.

  • auroracoda

    I’m not sure about Allah, as I have not taken the time to sincerely research this religion.

    However, I can say that you are quite incorrect in your following statement:

    “Buddha didn’t do that. No one else did that.”

    Buddha, Krishna, and Lao-tzu were all written to be of miraculous births under extraordinary conditions.

    Buddha DID do that because his birth was considered from the God Brahma. Brahma, in the Indian religions represents the one omnipotent and omniscient being. Siddhartha’s (Buddha) mother had a dream of a white elephant entering her womb holding a lotus flower. In her culture, this white elephant and lotus represented gifts from heaven being pure, powerful and knowledgeable.

    Krishna was also born under extraordinary circumstances. His parents, Queen Devaki and King Vasudev had been imprisoned by his mother’s brother, King Kansa. Kansa was an evil man who had usurped the crown and imprisoned his family. A voice had told him that Devaki’s eight child would be a boy child who would destroy him. So, Kansa had killed each of Devaki’s children as they had been born. But at the birth of the eighth child, Lord Vishnu appeared in the prison, summoned a messenger to take the child Krishna to Gokul and to bring back a girl child who had been born with the spirit of Vishnu. The messenger took the baby Krishna and faced obstacles that are very similar to Christian ones…water parting and sleeping enemies.

    Lao-Tzu was conceived after his mother gazed upon a falling star. He resided within his mother’s womb for the next sixty-two years and was supposedly born an old man, already wise and learned.

    Obviously I know a bit more about Hinduism as this is what I research the most, however, each religion seems to have a commonality with Christianity and most of these were from writings pre-Christ. The Bhagavad Gita was written between the 5th and the 2nd century BC.

    So, here are my points. One, you say that the Christian God is the “One True and Living God of the Holy Bible”. But my question would be, how can this be so if there had been no mention of him previous to the Jewish faith and birth of Christ? Judaism itself is still a young religion when taken into consideration of the other entire world religions? Is it possible that all the worlds’ religions are only speaking their version of God and Belief as they understand it even if it is from the same God? If I showed you the color yellow, you would call it yellow and someone in another country may call it mustard. Heck, I might even call it an egg yolk.

    Another point would be, for centuries man has taken what he knows and learns and hands it down to the next generation. How certain are you that the stories of Christ are any more real than any of the other stories told? Because you believe the Bible? Because the Bible is the word of God? Other religions claim this also and their texts are much older. Why are they not right? Is it because you have faith? Do other religions or beliefs not have their right to faith?

    If I am to believe that God parted the Red see, why am I not to believe that waters were parted for Lord Krishna as he was spirited away to safety?

    I am not trying to say that one religion is more right than the other. What I am trying to say is that everyone has his or her own path to redemption (or lack thereof). If someone chooses to follow Brahma over Buddha and Buddha over Allah or Allah over Jehovah or Jehovah over God or God over Brahma….then who are you so say it is wrong? Who are you to say, with absolute and positive proof, that the Christian God is the only God? As far as I know, Christianity has no more proof than any other religion can provide.

    So I have this wonderful and miraculous idea…how about instead of talking as if YOUR God is the only God and MY God doesn’t matter/exist, why don’t you respect my belief as I respect yours and we all be free to go on to the next life or heaven/nirvana (or not at all if you believe that death is the end)?

    And also, please don’t come back preaching to me that my soul can only be saved through the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ. I love Jesus, I really do. I respect him and believe his teachings are beautiful. And I believe that he might possibly have been an incarnation of God on earth. Do I believe that he was the only incarnation? Nope. What I do believe is that God, in whatever form he/she takes, wants us all to find our way to him. I believe that it is man’s own prejudice that has imposed what are the right way and the wrong way to God.

    And once again, I’m REALLY glad that this post was started. I like the fact that we can poke fun at and point out the inconsistency’s of so called devout Christians. I’m fairly certain that Jesus did not rise from the grave in order that children the world over would hunt for eggs and eat chocolate. If you are going to be devout, why practice these things? Why not just go to church and teach your children why that day is special, rather than luring them with gimmicks, smoke and mirrors?

  • “…great Christian sex!!”

    What….the hell….is this?

    Does this involve screaming out bible verses at the height of passion?

    Some kind of cross related S&M scene?

    On second thought – forget I asked.

  • ericbroze

    Horrific car crashes change peoples lives everyday. That does not mean I’m going to start worshiping them.

  • Niva Tuvia

    My face is red I’m laughing so hard at these comments… This is ridiculous!

  • Sock

    There is exactly as much proof for Jesus as there is for Osiris. A story. Beyond that, sorry mate, there’s no proof for Jesus’ resurrection.

    I will not argue that “Jesus” did exist. I will argue that he did NOT exist as recorded in the Bible.

  • jtcrawford

    OK, let’s put faith aside for a moment. I am willing.

    Explain creation? Let’s look at anything…a rock, human, universe, or star. Where did it all come from?

  • LRA

    Which aspect of creation? How the earth formed? (There are perfectly good theories with tons of evidence behind them for that). How life arose (again evolution explains a ton for the variety of life and scientists are working on abiogenesis as we speak). How matter and energy formed in general– physicists are working on that.

    Here’s my point: science may explain a ton about the natural world but will not be able to disprove the existence of god (as god is a metaphysical (meaning beyond physical) being). Hence the metaphysical is beyond the scope of science.

    But even is the god of philosophers can’t be disproven, this, in no way tells us ANYTHING about the nature of god, let alone that he is the biblegod.

  • rodneyAnonymous

    Many people argue with atheists by quoting scripture. Atheists don’t believe the Bible is the word of god. It is totally useless to defend the “truth” of a book using quotes from the book itself. “God is perfect because the Bible says so; the Bible is true because it’s the word of a perfect god” is circular logic. If you want to be convincing, you *must not* have “god exists” as one of the premises supporting the conclusion that “god exists”. That means, among other things, not using the Bible to support your premises.

  • @ ucbones

    ucbones:” …. In reply to Roger’s comments I can reply: have you asked the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you? ”

    mark:” are you referring to Jesus Christ being our lord and savior when you say truth. ”

    ucbones:”That’s part of it, but the truth is the whole of God’s word ( John 17:17) ”

    mark:”Please give me your best understood definition of gods whole word. ”

    ucbones:”The Bible ”

    So basically we should ask the holy spirit ( a concept that comes from the bible), to reveal the holy spirits whole word which just happens to be contained in the bible. You don’t see a problem with this type of logic because from my way of thinking you could use these same process to prove that the Koran is real, or that the Jewish version of god is real?

    “Difficult to answer this one because I do not personally know everyone, but God extends His invitation of salvation to all people. ”

    How can you be sure that god extends his invitation to everyone, what do you base this statement on otherwise any follower of any religion can make same statement.

    Did god (christian god) extend his invitation to all of those who have never heard of Jesus or Christianity.

    What about people who are severely mentally challenged.

    Exactly how does god extend his salvation to all people, exactly what do you base this statement on. How can you be sure it is the christian god extending this invitation.

    “Perhaps if people have not found God then either it is not yet the time that God has ordained, or they have not approached Him in humility and repentance of their sins. I would say that God knows everyone and promises that whoever seeks God with a sincere heart will find Him. ”

    I have a problems with this statement, the bible clearly states this-

    ” Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. Mark 11:24

    -which appears to me to contradict your statement above. This statement says nothing about approaching god with humility, also was Paul being humble when he god converted him from non belief to belief of the christian god.

    “If you became a Christian you must have found
    God! Puzzled! ”

    If I became a christian exactly what does that mean. What gives you the right to question the fact that I was a christian.For your info I became a christian the same way most people in this country become christian, I grew up in a household with christians. When I tried to learn more about god as I god older I realized that after all of the praying to your loving god who supposedly wants us to find your god was not responding. Why is your god hiding from people trying to find him, why is your god playing coy.

    “Yes! But did I claim that God does everything we ask?
    “We have to come to the Lord with a repentant heart, not with one that demands He does what we ask and tells us everything on our terms”

    Doesn’T this verse from the bible contradict this statement.

    ” Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. Mark 11:24 “

  • claidheamh mor

    Christ’s resurrection is the stamp to my faith. There is just too much evidence that He’s alive to make me doubt otherwise.

    Bullshit. You have none.
    If you had it, you would have presented it. No, circular reasoning, quoting your chosen mythology, and blather don’t count.

    You all prove that Christ didn’t raise from the dead, then my faith truly has been in vain and I’d stop believing in a heartbeat!

    YOU have to prove any smidgen of evidence that he did. The burden of proof is on YOU. There are people who would believe if you had anything believable. But you don’t. Since it’s your choice to believe in this fabricated story, and it’s not true, you can’t. That’s what is driving you nuts.

  • ardubaie

    Yea, and after Christianity was made ‘king’ there was persecution of pagans, witches, heathens (Muslims), Jews, and a whole lot more. So much for people who are supposed to be tolerant of others. More damage has been done by Christians to other religious sects that by any other religion in this world. That is a great representation of Christianity.

    Today, Right Wing Christians want to enforce their morals and values on those who are not of their little group. Thus we have ‘ranking’ certain books, amazingly mostly books of alternative lifestyles, because or pressure from certain people. We can all guess who those certain people all.

    Then we have the Christian philosophy that God will take care of us so they go out and screw up the environment because ‘God will take care of us’. What if there really isn’t a God? Like on Christian said to me while trying to convert me, ‘If there is a God and you don’t believe in Him, you will go to hell’. Well, if there isn’t a God and the Christians, who are all set on God taking care of else, choose not to help in cleaning up the environment, then we are all screwed.

    The fact of the matter is, and this is where some Atheist get upset, that Christians in the U.S. are attempting to make public policy based upon their religion. That is called a theocracy and it means that others freedom of religion has be taken away. This country was not founded on a theocracy; it was founded upon freedom of religion. That means that I can practice my religion, or lack of, and you can practice yours without fear of retaliation.

    Yesterday, a coworker asked if I had a nice Easter. Before I realized who I was talking to, I said that I don’t celebrate Easter. Now I live in fear of being fired because of that one slip and them knowing that I am not one of them. That should not occur. I should not have to live in fear of being an Atheist. But that is what is happening in society today because of the pressure that Right Wing Christians are putting on society to conform to their way of thinking. It is also because of the negative presentation of Atheist, saying that we are all evil, lack morals, etc. That is so far from the truth. The more the government ‘gives in’ to the Right Wing Christian groups, the stronger they get and the more fearful minority religions become. No religion should have so much power that they can instill their beliefs, values, and morals in public policy but that is what is happening today with the Right Wing Christians.

  • ardubaie

    Many Christian scholars have examined the evidence. I would suggest that you read something that is not written from a Christian biased perspective. It may enlighten you.

  • Stan

    Wow. Are you all still at this? It’s time to move on. Once these people get this god thing implanted in their brains as young people it is almost impossible to get it out of them. That’s the whole reason they have to get them very early. Hell, they even have SCHOOLS ASSOCIATED WITH RELIGION!?! The ultimate crime against reason.
    If we taught all little children that they were created by Green Chairs and then we built Green Chair Cathedrals on every other street corner in American towns and cities and we met in these cathedrals once or twice a week and sang praises to the trinity of maple, oak and green paint these same little chair worshipers would grow into sedentary Green Chair worshipping adults.
    Even if they later received a good secular education and came to realize that religion is INHERITED and silly beyond belief they would always be just a bit leery of any Green Chair that they encountered. And Green Chair forbid if they should ever slip up and say GREEN CHAIR DAMN. That miscue would always have them casting sideways glances toward the nearest forest from which Green Chair material originated from virgin seedlings.
    I THINK I AM RECEIVING THE GREEN CHAIRS BLESSING EVEN AS I WRITE!?!!!! Maybe it’s a revelation! TIMBERLUJAH! I think I’m on to something! RED CHAIRS ARE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!! Of course. An adversary! Whether one is a Mapleite or and Oakite or a Cherryite it would be obvious to all that there is only one true Chair. Praise Green Chairs!!!!!!
    Well, I have to go now. I have definitely received a timber experience. It’s so comforting to know now that when I die I will come back as a sapling in the Hoosier National Forest!
    Peace and may you always have good wood…..

  • jtcrawford

    LRA maybe we can start another post. this one is getting pretty difficult to navigate.

    Since you asked. I think we have to consider matter first. Where did it come from. I haven’t heard any plausible theories. Nothing else could be created without it.

    The fact that there are pieces that Science doesn’t now reach and I believe never will is evidence of a higher power. There was a maker of all matter. But before we bring god into this discussion, lets exhaust all other possibilities.

    What are the possibilities? Let’s try to get to the root of it all.

  • rodneyAnonymous

    “The fact that there are pieces that Science doesn’t now reach and I believe never will is evidence of a higher power”
    Ugh, no it’s not, it’s evidence that there are pieces that Science doesn’t now reach. What is the basis of your belief that it never will?

    It’s like the “six constants of the Universe” that are frequently analogized as finely-tuned dials, if any of them were even slightly different, life as we know it would not be possible… this is frequently cited as proof of God. But what if we discover that they can’t be any other way? Like the circumference of a circle can’t be other than pi-R-squared. Then it’s not like six dials, but one giant knob that can’t turn.

    We can’t even conceive of what the possibilities are. That is what “we don’t know how matter is created” means. Just because a question is unanswered does not mean it will never be answered.

    Saying “I can’t explain this, therefore it must be supernatural” is exactly the same thing as saying “I can’t explain this, therefore I can explain it”. It is not a real answer.

  • Miguel

    Miguel, just because people don’t f%cking agree with a “scholar” doesn’t mean that said scholar is not a serious one. ‘Get it? I know what *you* mean, above—however, the angle I’m taking is a DIFFERENT one.

    – Oh so you knew what I *meant* the first time around? Then I have to conclude that your initial response was a nonsensical one. Yes, you can argue that you were taking a *different angle* , but your “different angle” has nothing to do with my position that I was stating. So it isn’t my fault I misinterpreted what you said, you idiot.

    I’m NOT talking about how others perceive scholars; I’m talking about how they perceive THEMSELVES. There are two ways to approach the matter. Lose your ‘black-n-white’ mentality for two seconds

    – And what does that have to do with my previous statement about ‘how others perceive them’!? If you make such a dumb response such as that, Obviously I would misinterpret it to mean that you thought I was implying that they perceive themselves to be ‘un-serious’ – which I wasn’t!

    Then you should clarify that point, instead of simply saying all “serious scholars”, etc., etc.. In discussions like these, to do so, from your opponent’s standpoint, it may look as though you are simply labeling those who agree with your position “serious”, and those who disagree, NOT “serious”. ‘Get it?

    – No, I don’t see how it could be misconstrued as to mean that. Maybe for someone dumb, it could.

    Dolt—whether “boom” takes them “seriously”, or not—that fact does NOT mean they are not serious about what they do. I cannot make it any clearer. There are two ways to look at it.,

    – You dolt! I misinterpreted what YOU said as to mean that I, myself perceived those scholars to be un-serious! Your admittedly *different angle* had nothing to with my position, hence my misinterpretation of it! Hence, it was your stupid fault!

  • Paula

    No matter what you say. Jesus the Son of God was born and walked this earth for 33 years. He died on the cross for everyone.
    Though He could have called legions of angels to come to His rescue, He didn’t because but it was the love He bears for us( all mankind) that kept Him on that cross.

    Three days after He was crucified He rose from the dead and is in heaven praying for you and loving you more than you can ever imagine.

  • DarkMatter

    2Co 4:12 So then death worketh in us, but life in you.

    So that you suffer self-percecution so that others can live a meaningful life by putting the blame on “satan”?

  • Doug:

    You said the following about homosexuality:


    “I am not opposed to homosexuals having a fair shot at any level in society (except of course the pulpit), I have good friends that are gay, several family members that are gay and bi. I don’t condemn them for their lifestyle. I treat them like family.

    “I am not gay, and I believe that Bible is crystal clear in the areas of sexual immorality. That includes, pornography, adultery, any type of fornication, or sexual perversity.

    “Is it my job to condemn someone who practices this? no. Can i have good friends that are gay as a believer? Yes. Most Christians that have gained the attention in the media use their pulpit to bash gays, I believe they are afraid and most of them cowards, and that they will answer for that position one day.

    “All I can say is, if you believe the bible is true than live by it. Does God condemn the homosexual? It doesn’t appear so at least not in the here and now.”



    Harleigh Kyson Jr.

  • @markbey

    In Spite of the fall you are claiming that god against homosexuality, gay marriage etc. If this is true then why would god create humans who do not fit the deffinition of male or female.

    This is seems to contradict your beliefs that god is against homosexuality, if it doesn’t please explain how it doesn’t.

    One observation is:

    If homosexuality was the only way, or normal, or right as some will have us believe, than we wouldn’t be having this conversation. It takes one male and one female to have a sexual encounter to reproduce.

  • also,
    because homosexuals cannot reproduce (other than adoption or by some scientific means) and that you cannot produce another human being without the male and female sexual organs. Obvious.

    Seeing as the ability to “clone” and other scientific means have only been realized within the last hundred years or so, we still wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    So to me, our very existence is proof that there is an error in this line of thinking.

  • Sorry,
    I didn’t catch that, I didn’t mean that homosexuals could produce by adoption, I meant that they could not model a family except through adoption, and this model doesnt work either.

  • Um, Daniel, how did my comment end up 20 miles from where it was supposed to? Either I’m going blind or it’s a glitch :-/

  • LRA

    Thank you Niva! You are just darling! I appreciate you. To answer your question, I have been in college for about 8 years. Five for undergrad and three for grad school (so far). I am seeking a PhD, so I’ll probably be in college for another five years! :( Oh, well, the things we do for passion!

    • Lol. Thanks. I appreciate you, too. Well I have yet to decide what I’m going to major in, so there’s no telling how long I’ll be in college. Hopefull not 8 years… But who knows. As long as I’m out before I get wrinkles. And I still have time to pay for it before I die.