Atheism is a Mental Illness, Says Creationist

Atheism is a Mental Illness, Says Creationist June 23, 2009

Did you know that atheism is a mental illness? You may have thought it was just the intellectual denial of a deity. But according to bwinwright on Allvoices, you’d be wrong:

Atheism is a mental illness because it is nothing more than a cry for attention. The truth is atheism is a false idea because it is based on the false premise that orderliness does not require intelligent direction.

Every argument with an atheist ends with this point. They can not overcome this one point, no matter how hard they try.

What exactly is orderliness? A rainforest grows randomly, yet it has order. It did not require intelligent direction. Neither do mountain views, galaxies, snowflakes, zebra stripes, or diamonds. I wonder why he thinks atheists cannot overcome “this one point, no matter how hard they try.” There is order in many things without intelligence behind it.

Of course many orderly things do have intelligence behind it — cities, technology, tools, etc. — but even bwinwright believes that order does not require intelligent direction, as I will soon explain.

Fake Atheists

He moves on to another unfounded assertion:

In reality, most of these people, claiming to be atheists, are really simply protesting against organized religion.

It seems Christians can’t stop at accusing former Christians not being “real Christians,” now “most atheists” are just pretending to be atheists because they don’t like religion.

I don’t know any atheists here like that. They call themselves atheists because, duh, they don’t believe in a god. Not liking religion is just part of the package. It’s like saying people who don’t believe in unicorns are just saying that because they don’t like the Unicorn Brushing Society.

How to Defeat the Mentally Ill (Atheists)

Bwinwright then claims to know the key to winning any argument with any atheist. In fact, he thinks it “pisses them off because they simply can’t figure out how to overcome it.” What is this amazing arguing tool? Will it piss me off?

I ask them to give me a single example of anything, outside of what they call nature, that came into being without intelligent direction. Of course, they can not. Everything manufactured by man required intelligent direction, right? Of course.

Let’s try to answer this question. So anything outside of “nature” that came into being without intelligent direction. Okay. What’s outside of nature?

Er, nothing.

Or perhaps he means “natural” — that is, what is made without intelligent intervention. If so, then of course it’s not possible to answer, because it would be counter to the definition.

So we can’t answer his tricky question! Therefore, bwinwright wins the argument! Genius!

Are you pissed off yet? Yeah, me neither — but we’re mentally ill, so maybe we’re just slow to anger.

Theists Don’t Believe in Intelligent Design

But wait — he doesn’t think he has an answer for that question, either. But in fact, he could answer it — and that answer is “GOD.”

If order requires intelligent direction to come into being, and God is orderly, then he must have been intelligently designed by another intelligent being. And then that intelligent being would be orderly, so it must have been intelligently designed, and so on. So when he says:

I just keep going back to my strength, the one thing I do know is that ORDER REQUIRES INTELLIGENT DIRECTION. It is really nothing more than common sense.

He’s not being consistent. He doesn’t actually believe “order requires intelligent direction,” because he believes God, something with order, did not require intelligent direction. It’s only a rhetorical tactic that he does not apply to himself. He says that is the one thing he knows, but we see that he doesn’t even believe it himself.

But maybe I should be easier on bwinwright, because he at least admits we have a superior understanding of evolution:

Atheists like to resort to their superior understanding of evolution and natural selection to explain how orderliness was established.

We sure do.

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