Jews With Horns

Jews With Horns June 30, 2009

by VorJack

I’d thought I heard them all, until I ran across this parenthetical comment in Amy-Jill Levine’s The Misunderstood Jew:

I have twice been asked, each time by nice, silver-haired Protestant women, where I had my horns removed. The women, neither of whom had ever met a Jew before but both of whom had read John’s Gospel and seen pictures of Michelangelo’s horned Moses, asked in all innocence. They were both surprised and relieved to know that Jews don’t have horns. I also mentioned that we don’t have tails and cloven feet, just in case they thought that as well but were too embarrassed to ask. (p. 102-103)

Do you laugh or cry? I have no reason to doubt Levine, but the notion that there are people who are so sheltered and ignorant that they think Jews are hiding horns underneath the yarmulke just blows my mind. Can anyone confirm this from their own experience?

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