Praying for Obama's Death

Praying for Obama's Death July 17, 2009

Since Pastor Wiley Drake told the world he was praying for Obama’s death, he’s been trying to clarify what he means. You may think that he spends every hour of every day praying for Obama’s death. But he really only spends about 2% of his prayer time praying for the death of the US President:

“That doesn’t mean I spend every waking hour praying for the death of the president,” said Drake, who leads Buena Park Southern Baptist Church, near Anaheim, Calif. “Of our prayers, 98 percent should be good prayers, and 2 percent should be imprecatory.”

Imprecatory prayers are based on some of the Psalms where you’ll find great moral advice like “Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones” (Ps 137:9). Thank God for the moral guidance of the Bible! Where would we be without such enlightening poetry?

So Drake is right in a way. He can find warrant for what he’s doing in the Bible. And others can point to other passages and show why it’s “against” the Bible. People have been cherry picking bible passages for eighteen centuries.

I wish they’d both wake up and realize it doesn’t really matter what the Bible says.

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