Your God Isn't Pro-Life

Your God Isn't Pro-Life July 30, 2009

Dear Pro-Lifer,

Your God is not pro-life.

You might find that statement surprising, but I know this from your own holy book. Despite what you may have been told, the Bible is not a pro-life document.

It is, in many parts, pro-death. In one of the first stories in the Bible, God murders millions of people through a global flood — including born and unborn children. Unborn children — the ones you fight for. God only wanted to get rid of them.

Later in your holy book God commands the death of nation after nation because they happen to inhabit the land he plans to give the Israelites (Josh 7-9). He commands Israel to kill women and children (1 Sam 15). When he wanted to make a point to the Egyptians, he murdered all the firstborn sons of Egypt. Innocent children. And when King David killed a man and slept with his wife, God punished him by killing his unborn child.

This same God does nothing while billions of people throughout history have been starved, drowned, raped and murdered. He sits on the sidelines and watches.

That is not a God who is pro-life!

On top of all that, at least 25% of all pregnancies end in “natural” abortion — which you believe your God either designed or actively performed — an act you consider murder.

No, your God is not pro-life. By your own standards, he is a murderer — the most prolific abortionist of all time.

So don’t tell us you base your morality on the Bible or on the character of God. Don’t tell us you’re sent from your God to protect the lives of the innocent. Despite what your pastor says, your God is not pro-life. He has been killing, maiming, and letting people suffer for ages. You’re pro-life because, like most humans, you value human life.

I also value human life, but it has nothing to do with supernatural beings.

I’m pro-life too. I hate abortion. I don’t think it is murder, but that doesn’t mean I like it. We can agree on wanting to minimize abortion as much as possible. Since 95% of Americans admit to premarital sex, that means we need to work on getting people to use birth control so they don’t have to consider an abortion. Abstinence-only education doesn’t work.

Let’s work together to teach birth control methods. Let’s provide counseling and adoption services. But let’s not take away the legal right for a woman to choose. Let’s not stand outside and scream at people that they are going to hell for murder if they have an abortion. Let’s not block women from entering a clinic.

In this way, we respect the legal right of women, as well as reducing abortions. We will, as Bill Clinton said, make abortion, “safe, legal, and rare.”


Dan Florien

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