Paypal Sucks

Paypal Sucks August 12, 2009

You already knew that, but I’m going to rant about this anyway.

I have a business account with paypal that I use for a business of mine. In general, things have been fine — until about a month ago, when I logged in and couldn’t access any of my account history. Nothing recent and nothing old. I had a customer who wanted to cancel a subscription, and I didn’t have access to it.

I emailed paypal and explained the problem. They answered my question by ignoring my email and saying I could access my account history by going to the “history” section — like I was an idiot who couldn’t find the right section.

I looked around on the web and saw I wasn’t the only one affected, and that Paypal had confirmed the problem. Finally my paypal service rep admitted and said it would be fixed soon. Yet it’s been weeks and I still can’t access my account history. Which means I’m really screwed when it comes to managing refunds or cancellations, or seeing anything about what’s going on with my account.

I also emailed Paypal and asked to cancel the customer’s subscription since I couldn’t, but they just ignored my question. So the customer had to do a dispute which was the only way I could give a refund — which is bad experience for the customer and not good for my reputation.

This is unacceptable. Paypal is owned by eBay, a huge company. Do they really not have the resources to fix a major bug like this that is affecting many businesses and customers?

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