Pat Robertson Only Alive Due to Prayers

Pat Robertson Only Alive Due to Prayers September 2, 2009

Pat Robertson recently had heart surgery. It was successful, and in a statement Pat said:

Only the prayers of thousands of believing people kept me on this earth.

Way to give credit where credit is due, Pat! Most people give their doctors some of the credit, and others give it all to God. But Pat gives the credit to Christians praying.

If I were his doctor, I’d be insulted.

Later in life, when he dies, will it then the fault of not enough people praying? Would he live forever if he could have his followers petition the Almighty often enough?

Of course not. He survived because his doctor did a good job and didn’t screw up. He can’t know whether prayer helped or hindered — but he can know that his doctor & his team was the main reason the surgery succeeded.

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