Cincinnati Atheist Billboard Taken Down

Cincinnati Atheist Billboard Taken Down November 12, 2009

by Jesse Galef

What is so threatening about our billboard ads?

I don’t understand why religious individuals get so offended by the words “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone.” or “Millions are good without God.” They have an absolute right to be offended and an absolute right to speak out against our peaceful message. What they don’t have is the right to stifle our speech.

First they vandalized the billboard in Moscow, Idaho. Twice.

Now, the Cincinnati Coalition of Reason billboard is being taken down and moved because the landowner leasing the space was receiving multiple threats.

Around 2:00 PM yesterday, the United Coalition of Reason, which paid $3,875.00 for a one-month run of the billboard, was contacted by Lamar Advertising of Cincinnati. Lamar reported that the landowner of the site had been threatened over the billboard’s message and wanted it taken down. Lamar only leases the land the billboard stands on.

“We weren’t given the landowner’s name or precise details,” reported Fred Edwords, national director of the United Coalition of Reason. “Nor did we pursue them. It was sufficient to learn that this person had received multiple, significant threats and that Lamar would act quickly to alleviate the problem.”

Edwords added: “Lamar was most apologetic to us regarding the situation. It was a development they hadn’t expected. Nor had we. Nothing like this has ever happened to us before.”

I think everyone involved is handling the situation well – the Cincinnati CoR is concerned for the owner, the advertising company will accommodate the move, and it sounds as though everyone is being civil and reasonable.

Oh, except the people making threats. Seriously, what’s their problem?

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