France says no to "cultural" gender suppression.

France says no to "cultural" gender suppression. July 7, 2010

France’s upper house is set to debate banning the “Islamic” Burka (full face and body veil) in public places. I put “Islamic” in inverted commas because, while I know the Q’ran directs women to be “modest”, I don’t believe it requires them to go fully covered from crown to toe.

Full story on the BBC News site

One thought that did occur: Isn’t wearing a Burka in a Western country the exact opposite of “modest”? They’re so outlandish to Western sensibilities that they cause some people to stop and stare.

I do like the fact that the penalty for wearing a Burka is intended to be quite low, while the penalty for pressuring a female family member into doing so is set to be “much tougher”.

What do you think? Is France being culturally and/or religiously intolerant? Or are they protecting decades of gender emancipation?

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