Democratic Abortion

Democratic Abortion November 21, 2010

This has to be the most insane internet stunt I’ve yet seen.

Alisha Arnold is pregnant. Along with her husband Pete, she is asking folks on the internet to vote … on whether or not they abort or keep the child. From Adrian Chen at Gawker:

That someone would do this is almost impossible to believe, of course. We asked the Arnolds if this was some sort of a prank. “No, it’s not. We are taking this very seriously,” Pete replied. We then asked if this was some sort of convoluted pro-life stunt. Alisha laughed. “It’s definitely not a pro-life campaign,” she said. “I believe in a woman’s right to choose.”

According to the couple, they’ve been unsure about whether they’re ready to be parents and have concluded that the best way to proceed is to ask random people on the Internet if they should have the child. (Tests have revealed that the fetus is a boy.) Alisha said that two pregnancies ended in two miscarriages in the past year and a half. During the second pregnancy, the couple bought the domain, and were in the process of deciding whether to put the birth up to a vote when they lost the baby. When Alisha got pregnant a third time a few months ago, they decided to launch

… words fail me.

Chen sees three options: prank, pro-life stunt or real. I’m siding with “stunt” myself. Chen asks, “Could this site be a confused parable to illustrate the peril of putting an unborn baby’s life in the hands of voters?” That’s my best guess.

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