Be My Creationist Valentine

Be My Creationist Valentine January 11, 2011

Are you looking for that special Valentine’s day gift for someone who means almost as much to you as your personal lord and savior Jesus?

Want to make sure that your special someone knows that your feelings were created by God and not the result of millions of years of co-evolution?

You got forty bucks on you?

Have you cleared all this with their parents? Your parents? Your preacher? Have you prayed about this? Drawn lots?

Alright, then maybe you should consider a date at the Museum! The Creation Museum, that is.

Are you searching for a way to enjoy a date night in a Christian environment? Join us February 11 at the Creation Museum for dinner and a concert with a special talk by Ken Ham.

The evening will commence at 6:00 with Ken Ham explaining what it really means to be “unequally yoked,” followed by a buffet dinner in our beautiful Main Hall.

Somehow, the thought of Ken Ham talking about being “unequally yoked” just sounds incredible creepy.

I’m sorry, but can anyone be romantic in the presence of this man?

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