From Atheist to Christian

From Atheist to Christian April 16, 2011

I get email:

I went the opposite direction: from committed atheist to Christian. Spent countless hours trying to dissuade Christians on the lack of evidence for Christianity and the truth of Darwin, et al. We dressed like warlocks, entered church services and tried to break them up. Went to “tent meetings” drunk and and drugged, and mocked the proceedings. Favorite idea was to compare and contrast the “compassionate” God with the evil of the world. Perhaps the Calvinist answer fits me: I was never a real atheist? Seriously, have been in the ministry now 28 years. Trying to do something about that evil and actually seeing some results. Take care. John

He sounds like he used to be pretty screwed up. I told him I’m glad he became a Christian, because I’m all for religion when people need it to be good people.

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