Wallis' Waterloo?

Wallis' Waterloo? May 11, 2011

The following clip is part of a campaign by Believe Out Loud, a Christian group attempting to win greater acceptance for LGBT individuals and families in American churches.

The spot was released on Mother’s Day, with a very simple message about the experiences of same-gender families. But what’s drawing attention is the fact that Sojourners, the online (and offline) magazine that supposedly represents progressive Christians, has refused to show it.

The founder of Sojourners is Jim Wallis, who has a knack for putting himself forward as the representative of moderate Christians. He’s been on the Daily Show, he’s a regular on shows like Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly and he’s even on President Obama’s “faith advisory council,” whatever that’s worth.

But I have to say that even when I was a progressive Christian, Wallis irritated the crap out of me. His moderation is too moderate, and it seems too forced at times. I’m not sure if he really understands many of the people he’s supposedly the spokesman for. (Admittedly I was far too liberal, politically and theologically, to appreciate Sojourners.)

So I’m pleased to see that this latest flap may be his undoing. Sarah Posner has a round up of the various progressives who are now stating that Wallis does not speak for them. To that add David Henson at unorthodocology, who points out that the Sojourners board contains a number of folks from churches that explicitly reject LGBT equality.

I hope that someone in the White House is listening and comes to realize that Wallis is a self-appointed sham.

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