10 Terrible Christian Billboards

10 Terrible Christian Billboards December 20, 2011

Christians are notorious for terrible billboards. Here are some of the worst…

1. Anti-God is Anti-American

Impeccable logic…

2. “Well, you did ask for a sign.” -God

Yes, but not another man-made one.

3. The POPE is the ANTI-CHRIST

Free proof? That’s stupid… people dumb enough to believe this would pay money for the “proof.”

4. Judgment Day – May 21, 2011

The Bible guarantees it? I see that worked out well.

5. Christmas starts with baby Jesus ultrasound

Um… baby Jesus had an ultrasound? And he had a physical halo that it picked up? Or maybe this is the 2nd coming of baby Jesus?

6. “We are no longer a Christian nation.”

But they get mad when people “quote mine” the Bible.

7. Atheist: Someone who believes that nothing made everything

Christian: Someone who believes that something must create everything except for the something.

8. Homosexuality is a sin!

But let’s not talk about divorce, gluttony, lying, hate, pride…

9. Heaven or Hell?

Aw, hell, I’ll pick heaven I guess.

10. Godless boy will kill you

…because if this boy isn’t raised by right-wing nutjobs with guns, he’ll find one and kill you with it.

* * *

Put your favorite terrible Christian billboards in the comments below… :)

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