Child Brides

Child Brides December 15, 2011

Dave Silverman has a tweet circulating in which he calls Muhammad a pedophile. The cause of this accusation is Muhammad’s betrothal to Aisha, a seven-year old daughter of an ally. Hemant has the “inside baseball” angle of Silverman’s comment covered: was this a wise thing to say? Will it hurt the movement?

I don’t really know, but it does remind me of this scene from the first Black Adder, (the video should cue to the proper scene, 6:10.)

As always, Rowan Atkinson makes it funny (and Natasha King makes it adorable) but the reality would probably be a bit more grim. Young women were used as bargaining chips whenever families sought to unite for politics or money, and this is true across the world and throughout history.

Here in the west, our hands aren’t clean either. The joke wouldn’t work if the idea of a child bride was completely foreign to us. And since it has nothing to do with religion, we atheists don’t get a dodge. So Silverman can take his shots if he wants, but he needs to realize that the problem is bigger than Islam.

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