Ed Young’s Sexperiment

Ed Young’s Sexperiment January 13, 2012

You might have already heard about this, but if not, it’s worth a laugh. Ed Young, a mega-church pastor, is staging a publicity stunt where he and his wife stay in bed for 24 hours on the roof of his church.

Talk about a bunch of weirdos:

To encourage members of his congregation and others to take part in what he calls a “sexperiment,” Dallas pastor Ed Young and his wife Lisa began staging a “bed-in” on Friday morning, laying in a bed on the roof of their Texas church for 24 hours.

They say they want to illustrate that sex begins in heaven.

“It’s time to put the bed back in church and God back in the bed because God is the one that thought sex up,” says Ed Young, senior pastor of Fellowship Church.

While in bed, the Youngs plan to have bedside interviews via skype with various pastors and friends to “discuss tantalizing truths about sex as God intended,” according to their website.

“God said that we are to make love within the beauty and the covenant of marriage,” says the pastor.

Right. Well, whatever floats their boats.

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