No Fetus Can Feed Us

No Fetus Can Feed Us January 26, 2012

Every now and then, Snopes debunks some rumor about horrible things that are being done with aborted fetuses. Apparently, there’s a politician in Oklahoma who believes these stories. From KRMG:

You might think this is a story out of ‘The Onion’ but it is a real story.

An Oklahoma lawmaker files a bill to ban the making and selling of food or products that use aborted human fetuses.

State Senator Ralph Shortey says he’s done research and found reports that companies have used stem cells in the research and development of food.

This is the first I’ve heard of stem cells being used for food R&D. Usually it’s something about how fetuses are being used to make gelatine, or about how some restaurant in part of the world we don’t like is serving grilled fetuses as an appetizer.

The lawmaker that represents Oklahoma County couldn’t give any specific examples. […]

A number of food makers have denied the claims.

Big surprise there.

Over at Dangerous Minds, Richard Metzger did some checking about Senator Shortey:

Also in 2012, Shortey introduced a bill seeking a public vote on amending the Oklahoma Constitution to abolish the Court of Criminal Appeals. In the past he’s introduced measures to deny citizenship to babies born to illegals and an amendment to a bill that would have allowed legislators to carry firearms anywhere, including government buildings. If you’ve seen any video footage of this guy, he’s as dumb as fucking rock.

You do know how this moron got into office, don’t you? It’s simple: He ran and more people voted for him than his opponent.

Depwessing isn’t it?

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