Atheist Career Choices

Atheist Career Choices February 5, 2012

Pat Robertson and co-host Kristi Watts discuss the atheists, who don’t believe in anything. Watts goes on on a tangent, talking about how Wiccans are “all about the environment,” and that “trees are their God.” [wtf?] She then asks why atheists aren’t saying that we should cut down every tree.

“Just a thought,” she says. I’m afraid that I don’t see any evidence of thinking there, so I’m going to have to disagree.

Anyway, the ever reliable Jason Pitzl-Waters responds:

Atheists aren’t gunning to chop down all the trees us Pagan tree-huggers hug because they predominantly believe in environmental and climate science, and know that cutting down “every tree” would destroy our ecosystem, and life on earth itself (sadly, ski resort Jesus statues don’t absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen).

But maybe Watts has a point. Maybe it’s time to rethink my career path …

(Maybe this is funnier to me, because my wife was an agnostic and a lumberjill when I met her.)

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