He’s Coming Here?!?

He’s Coming Here?!? March 22, 2012

There is justice in the universe. Unfortunately, I’m at the wrong end of it. After all the times I’ve made fun of Tim Tebow for being … well, Tim Tebow, he’s moving to my state. That’s right, the man voted “The Most Christian-y Christian in America” by The American Jesus is being traded to the NY Jets.

Here’s the Grey Lady with all the gory details:

Tebowmania appears to be headed to New York. In a move that diversifies their offense but threatens to undermine Mark Sanchez, the Jets on Wednesday agreed to a trade for Tim Tebow, the popular but polarizing quarterback from the Denver Broncos. […]

In helping to guide Denver to an A.F.C. West title last season, Tebow authored several last-minute comebacks, including a 95-yard drive that silenced the Jets on Nov. 17. That success, achieved despite an unconventional style and limited throwing skills, could divide a fan base with the first poor — or even average — performance by Sanchez.

As the story notes, there are some snags. It kinda looks like someone at the Jets failed to read the fine print and they may have to cancel. Clearly, Satan and his minions are at work.

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