School Assembly Goes Off the Rails

School Assembly Goes Off the Rails March 16, 2012

Former Conservative ran across this story, and mentions that it hasn’t gotten enough attention. I agree, so here’s my part. From HuffPo Education:

Students and staff at a high school in Dunkerton, Ia., were shocked when an assembly intended to address drug and bullying issues instead featured anti-gay messages that offended many students, staff and parents, the Lacrosse Tribune reports.

“They told these kids that anyone who was gay was going to die at the age of 42,” parent Jennifer Littlefield told the Lacrosse Tribune. “It just blows me away that no one stopped this.”

The group also told students that girls who aren’t virgins at their weddings will have mud on their dresses, according to the paper.

I went to school in a little fly-speck town in North Carolina. I clearly remember the fledgling garage bands that would come through and do concerts in the gymnasium. Each one would pause in between covers of Van Halen and Bon Jovi to announce that they were Christian and hoped that we were to.

My guess is that the administration thought that this group would be more of the same. Someone didn’t do their homework:

Junkyard Prophet, the Minnesota-based traveling band that was brought to Dunkerton High School to discuss practices for good decision making, is part of the You Can Run But You Cannot Hide Christian youth ministry that holds assemblies in public schools.


Superintendent Jim Stanton told the Lacrosse Tribune that the group received good feedback when they performed at the school in the past, and that they must have changed their message since then.

Here’s a portion of the assembly, where they engage in some bashing of Sir Elton:

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