I’m Moving to Canada

I’m Moving to Canada June 9, 2012

Pastor Hagee would like us all to go away now …

Matthew Paul Turner doesn’t want us to leave. But I suspect that MPT just wants all the friends he can get for when Mark Driscoll finally comes after him.

I guess this is really just boilerplate, but it’s interesting that Hagee thinks that the reason the courts are removing the Decalogue is to avoid offending us atheists. Nothing at all to do with creating a secular government that allows all religions to coexist (and compete) equally.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if all the liberals really did carry through on their threat to move to Canada. (I’m sure Scott Bailey has a couch we could crash on.) That would leave America to the conservative Protestants, the conservative Catholics, the conservative Mormons, the conservative Pentecostals … how long do you think it would take before they were turning their guns on each other? Got a stopwatch?

I wish folks like Hagee could understand that our system keeps government power and religious belief separate for the same reason you keep sticks away from brawling elementary school boys. It minimizes the amount of damage they can do to each other and ensures that your house is still standing.

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