The Antidote to the Ceiling Cat Bible

The Antidote to the Ceiling Cat Bible June 17, 2012

In The Rise and Fall of the Bible, Timothy Beal bemoaned the number of “niche Bibles” being published, like the Nascar Bible. It seems like the Bible publishers are aiming for every conceivable market to squeeze a little more money out of the most overprinted work in history. And I suppose this is what you get when you go after the Cute Overload market:

If you love puppies, you will love this Bible! Inside you will find 12 color pages of adorable puppy photos with inspirational thoughts that will encourage you day after day. The Playful Puppies Bible is just the right size to take along wherever you go. Features include: * Presentation page for gift giving * Ribbon marker * Words of Christ in red * 12 pages of adorable puppy photos, Scripture references, and inspirational thoughts * The entire Bible in the New International Version (NIV)

A red letter bible with puppy pictures. Sort of a Bible produced by the LL Bean catalog department, I guess.

Via The Museum of Idolatry.

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