Josh Groban On The Myth of God

Josh Groban On The Myth of God July 31, 2012

Text: “When people tell me, ‘God has blessed you with the gift of music’, you’re damn right I get offended. I did not practice hours a day for eighteen years to have my success attributed to a myth.” —Josh Groban


We’ve gotten a number of complaints that this is a misquotation. A violinist who looks a bit like Josh Groban is plausibly claiming credit, and that seems to be it.

Normally I’d leave it as further evidence that we’re fallible. However, some folks are apparently saying that if Patheos is saying it, it must be true.

This is bizarre. It’s only a step away from using wikipedia as a source. I’m not sure if that’s a step up or a step down.

So I’m removing the image to prevent linking and leaving this message to explain why. – your friendly neighborhood editor, Vorjack

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