Rick Warren is Acting Like Rick Warren

Rick Warren is Acting Like Rick Warren July 22, 2012

From Exploring our Matrix, where James McGrath comments, “I am very disappointed that Rick Warren would use the occasion of the horrible tragedy in Aurora, Colorado to make an inane, stupid swipe at evolution.”

(Note: the is not dated July 12th. The dating is 20th of July, 2012. This has caused some confusion.)

Upon hearing that Warren will once again be holding a presidential forum, Jason Pitzl-Waters remarked,

The only real difference between Warren and many other figures within the realm of conservative Christianity is his genial self-help-book-writer tone. In short, this is not a man I’d trust to explore alone the serious moral and ethical questions inherent to the world’s more powerful job, because there’s only one moral and ethical standard he’s truly capable of understanding.

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