The Puppetmaster

The Puppetmaster July 28, 2012

I was planning to open this with a joke about how puppets and Christians don’t go together. But this story is so creepy that anything I write is going to fall flat. So here’s the unadorned story from the Tampa Bay Examiner:

Tampa Bay area puppeteer/church activist arrested for child porn

No, hold on, it gets worse …

Ronald William Brown, 57, of Largo, Florida was arrested July 20, 2012 for possession of child pornography and conspiring to kidnap a child who he and his co-conspirator, Michael Arnett of Kansas, wanted to cannibalize.

The two conspirators had a particular child in mind. Brown worked for years at Gulf Coast Church in Largo, Florida. He worked for them as a ventriloquist and a puppeteer in their Puppet Ministry for Kidz Zone. A child who was a member of Gulf Coast Church and who took part in youth ministry programs was their target. Officials have not released the child’s name but his parents have been notified.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

Brown, 57, lived alone in the Whispering Pines mobile home park in Largo, a professional puppeteer with a soft, Southern-accented voice and thick eyeglasses. He often served pizza to kids in the neighborhood, then drove them to services at Gulf Coast Church, where he was an active congregant.

But there was another side to Brown, according to a 29-page criminal complaint filed July 20 in federal court in Tampa: The man who, as he was feeding pizza to teenagers, nursed fantasies of murdering and eating them. The one who acted out Bible stories with puppets at his church, while musing online about carving and cooking the body parts of a young parishioner for Easter.

For added creepiness, here’s a video from Joy Junction where Brown and Marty discuss dirty pictures …

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