Ladies and Gentlemen, Jack Schaap

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jack Schaap August 7, 2012

Jack Schaap, truly a Fundy’s Fundy, demonstrating how to polish a rod, while men in identical suits sit behind him trying not to stare at the perverse lunatic.

To the surprise of no one except those at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Jack Schaap is in trouble for sexual abuse. According to the Chicago Tribune, the FBI is investigating Schaap for a sexual relationship with an underaged girl. This has led to his ouster from the megachurch and set the Independent Baptist community back a step.

Those blogs that keep an eye on American fundamentalism have long seen this coming. Jeri at Blog on the Way has compiled an extensive list of stories relating to sexual abuse tied to First Baptist of Hammond and the associated Hyles-Anderson College. Stuff Fundies Like caught wind of the story back when Schaap was placed on “indefinite medical leave,” a code phrase for “about to be fired.” And Bruce Gerencser provides analysis of the legacy of Jack Hyles, Schaap’s father-in-law and former pastor of First Baptist. All three blogs have been following the story extensively and are worth a general read besides.

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