The Death of the Messiah

The Death of the Messiah September 4, 2012

Sun Myung Moon has passed away at the age of 92, leaving progressive atheists like myself with a difficult challenge: how to be respectful of the dead while accurately eulogizing this … most interesting man.

I think I’ll just post this documentary from the BBC about Moon’s religion:

Or this documentary, “In the Kingdom of Reverend Moon,” from Al Jazeera

For me, Moon has always been the crazy old uncle of the Republican party. He and his Unification Church have reportedly put over a billion dollars into the conservative paper the Washington Times. He employed Johnathan Wells, the intelligent design advocate. He published the famous Cloud of Witnesses newspaper ad, in which he claims that all the great religious and communist leaders appeared to him and proclaimed him the messiah. He staged an elaborate ceremony in Washington D.C. in which he was crowned as the messiah while several lawmakers looked on.

The world just won’t be as interesting without him. And that is all that I’ll say about that.

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