God Doesn’t Go Where He’s Not Wanted

God Doesn’t Go Where He’s Not Wanted December 15, 2012

Brian Fischer wants us to know that God won’t go anywhere that he’s not invited. Kinda like a vampire that way, I guess.

I just don’t know anymore. You’d think that someone from the Christian mainstream would step up and explain “omnipresence” to Fischer. You’d think someone would explain that a God who will go to Nineveh won’t stop at a school room door. You’d think that some influential Christian would explain that Christians don’t worship a God that petty. But there’s never any pushback.

That leaves idiots like Fischer to us; atheists, liberal Christians and religious minorities calling them out. Is there any point? We can chronicle all the horrible things that people like him say, but they just keep on saying them. You can’t embarrass them. You can’t shame them. They live to be offended, and every attack against them just fuels their persecution complex.

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