Is the God of Fundamentalists Worthy of Worship?

Is the God of Fundamentalists Worthy of Worship? December 17, 2012

Daniel Fincke posted this collage of responses to the Connecticut shooting. It’s a lot of “atheists are evil,” but with quite a few “God’s banned from public school” rants thrown in:

In the wake of the shooting, Mike Huckabee, Kent Hovind and Bryan Fischer have all echoed the sentiment that God did not protect the children because teacher-led prayer has been banned in public schools. You can say many things about this view of God, but as James McGrath points out, you can’t call it Biblical:

I am glad that fundamentalists are finally being a bit more honest about what they mean by “God.”

They clearly do not mean an omnipresent being who cannot be excluded from any place. It’s quite a different notion from that encountered on more than one occasion in the Psalms, for instance. The ancient Israelite author never said “Where shall I go to flee from your presence? I know – a public school!” And in the Book of Jonah, the main character’s attempt to flee from the one who he himself says “made the sea and the dry land” on a boat is depicted as a fool’s errand. And could you imagine any ancient Israelite or Christian author taking seriously the notion that God could be kept out of somewhere?

I can see believing in a God who cannot act in an area that people have not consecrated by prayer. Or I can see believing in a God that is so vindictive that he would allow children to die in that place rather than act. What I can’t see is why you’d want to worship such a being. In a universe with a God like that it seems far, far better to be a misotheist.

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